Persona 3 Reload Max Social Link guide

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Life of the party.

One of the defining features of the Persona series is its focus on building social bonds. Persona 3 Reload is no different. In Atlus’s remake, the Social Link system is more compelling and intricate than ever. We’ve covered the Student Council (Emperor Arcana) Social Link previously, but what if you want to max out your Social Links? Well, here we provide a Persona 3 Reload Max Social Link guide to help you do just that.

How to 100% Max Social Link

Social Links, Explained

The Social Link system in Persona 3 Reload tracks your relationships with the game’s characters. As you progress through the game, each character you interact with corresponds to a specific Arcana of the tarot. The more you bond with these characters, the stronger Personas associated with their respective Arcana will become when you fuse them in the Velvet Room.

However, managing your Social Links requires careful planning. Each interaction consumes a time slot, and not all interactions guarantee a level up. Moreover, each character has a specific availability, which depends on various factors like time, day, and even the season.

Key Strategies for a Max Social Link Run

Achieving a Max Social Link run in your first playthrough of Persona 3 Reload can be tricky because of the time dependencies. It requires you to follow a particular route with little room for deviation. However, with careful planning, it’s possible. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Link Arcana: Always carry a Persona that matches the Arcana of the Social Link event you’re attending. This can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your choices, allowing you to save valuable in-game days.
  2. Utilize New Game+: Consider aiming for a Max Social Link run in a New Game+ playthrough. This allows you to carry over your status parameters, making it easier to build stats.
  3. Manage Time: Effective time management is essential. For instance, some Social Links can be more demanding, requiring you to find a matching Arcana daily. Be prepared to make mistakes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

The Monthly Strategy for a Max Social Link Run

Let’s break down a potential strategy month by month.


The game’s calendar kicks off in April. This month is mostly about following the storyline and unlocking initial Social Links. Key events this month include the automatic start of the Magician Social Link and the initiation of the Chariot Social Link by joining a sports club.


May is the time to start exploring Tartarus. This month, you should focus on leveling up, earning money, and acquiring Personas of matching Arcana for the Social Links.


June is an important month for Social Link progression. It’s also the time to start focusing on raising your social stats. The Full Moon event this month can be a challenge, but careful preparation can see you through.


July is a month of significant Social Link development. Pay attention to the Full Moon Event and make the most of the opportunities it presents.


In August, Social Links start to deepen. This is also the month when you’ll meet the Star Social Link, Mamoru Hayase.


In September, you’ll have the chance to develop many of your Social Links further. Remember to balance your time between Social Links and Tartarus exploration.


October is a month of significant Social Link development, particularly for the School Social Links. Make sure to manage your time and resources well.


In November, several Social Links can be maxed out. This is also the time to start preparing for the endgame.


December is the final month for regular Social Link development. Use this time to max out any remaining Social Links and prepare for the final battles.


January is primarily about wrapping up the game’s main storyline. However, there’s still some room for Social Link development, particularly for the Aeon and Judgment Social Links.

Achieving a Max Social Link run in Persona 3 Reload is a challenging but rewarding undertaking. It requires careful planning and management of resources. It’s worth it, though. Not only does it significantly enhance your Personas’ power, but it also allows you to experience the game’s storyline in its entirety.

By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a Persona 3 Reload max Social Link run. If you want to take things to the next level and romance some characters, though, check out all the Persona 3 Reload romance options. And if you’re struggling to battle through Tartarus, we have you covered there, too.