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Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc

Every nook and cranny.

Pocket Pair, Inc’s awesome catch em’ all game takes place across a bunch of isles, each of which are home to dozens of different Pals. If you’re a completionist intent on filling out your Paldex and catching them all, you’ll need to know their locations. Luckily for us gamers, the talented folks at Map Genie have already produced an incredible Palworld interactive map that details all Pal and Dungeon locations.

Interactive Palworld Map to Find All Pal Locations

The interactive map works very similar to others we have hosted here at We Game Daily: click on the window, then simply hover over which points of interest you want to locate. You can zoom in on locations with the scrolls wheel. Each icon has useful information included which you can drill into by clicking onit.

You can use our list of all resources in the game if you want help tracking down something in particular.

How Big Is Palworld’s Map? Explained

Developer Pocketpair has revealed that the Palworld map spans approximately 16 square kilometers, or about six square miles. This isn’t huge compared to other modern open-world games; for example, ARK Survival Ascended’s The Island map is over three times the size at 48 square kilometers (19 square miles). Still, it’s fairly meaty and there’s still lots to explore — you’re not going to get bored quickly.

It’s worth noting that despite early speculation, Palworld’s map isn’t procedurally generated but is instead a handcrafted creation. Every player will explore the same map, though individual home bases can differ in appearance based on their location.

Here’s how Palworld’s map compares to other games:

All Regions (Biomes)

The game also features diverse regions, including extremely hot and cold areas that require special gear for temperature protection. As more players dive into Palworld, further insights into the map’s full extent and characteristics will likely emerge.

  1. Dessicated Desert – An area characterized by warmth and the presence of high-level Terra element Pals.
  2. Forgotten Island – A collection of islands predominantly inhabited by low-level Water type Pals.
  3. Marsh Island – This area offers a wider variety of low-level Pals, set in a forested environment.
  4. Mount Obsidian – Recognizable by its intense heat, flowing lava, and a large volcano, this area is home to higher-level Fire element Pals.
  5. Secret Mineshaft – Hidden within a mountain in the Dessicated Desert, this mineshaft is filled with various items and Pals to encounter.
  6. Verdant Brook – A scenic, hilly region with waterfalls, where wild Pals of levels 17 to 25 can be found.
  7. Windswept Hills – The primary starting location in the game, mainly inhabited by low-level Pals.

Given the game is in Early Access, don’t rule out more content coming to the game over the coming months, and possibly expanding its map size.

Editor’s note: We Game Daily does not claim ownership of this interactive map. The content is hosted here to help our readers locate resources.