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Get flirty.

Persona wouldn’t be Persona without social links; forming bonds with characters found throughout the game is a core part of the experience. But some of these relationships go a step further than friendship. There are several who your main character can romance. You can even romance more than one at the same time. Here we’ll break down how to romance multiple characters in Persona 3 Reload, and detail all the various romance options. This has recently been updated with additional information.

Can You Romance Multiple Characters in Persona 3?

Yes, you can romance multiple characters at the same time. However, while it’s possible to romance more than one character, it’s important to note that doing so can lead to certain repercussions. If you’re not careful, your romantic partners may get jelous, which leads to negative effects on your Social Links. This can result in a reversal of ranks, especially if you haven’t maxed out these relationships yet.

However, there’s a fix to this. You can visit the Naganaki Shrine, the same location where you can start Maiko’s Social Link, and purchase a Fortune. This will mend the bond with your partner, thereby mitigating the negative effects of your actions.

To avoid such complications, it’s recommended to fully max out one romance’s Social Link before attempting another. Once a Social Link reaches Rank 10, it can’t backtrack. Even though the game warns you about dating someone else, you can proceed with a new romance.

Thus, while you can technically date multiple characters, it’s crucial to strategize correctly to avoid any serious consequences.

All Romance Options in Persona 3 Reload

Image source: Atlus

Persona 3 Reload introduces a range of potential love interests, each with unique storylines and requirements. To start a romantic storyline, you first need to unlock the associated Social Link. As you arrange after-school meetings and deepen bonds with these characters, the dialogue branches you toward the appropriate options.

Here are the possible romance subplots, along with the specific requirements to unlock them:

CharacterSocial LinkUnlock RequirementsRomance RankLocation



Max Charm

Rank 6

2F Classroom



Max Courage + Start Fortune Link

Rank 7

Outside the bathroom on the 2nd floor of Gekkoukan High School



Max Academics

Rank 6

Faculty Office Entrance



Rank 7

Classroom 2F



Speak With Her Thrice

Rank 5

Student Council room



Walk Home During Early Ranks

Rank 7

Outside Classroom 2F

ElizabethN/ATake optional “Elizabeth’s Requests” side quests.N/AVelvet Room

If you decide to pursue multiple characters, it’s important to strategize your moves. Maxing out one partner’s Link before dating another can help prevent any reversal mishaps and allows for free romantic experimentation by the endgame.

Persona 3 Reload offers a dynamic romance system that allows you to romance multiple characters. Just be careful you don’t make a wrong move and offend anybody! If you do, always remember the Naganaki Shrine to get yourself out of the doghouse.