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Every corner of The Island.

Sons of the Forest 1.0 has brought developer Endnight’s awesome survival game into a full launch, and it’s just as good as remember. Actually, it’s a lot better. There’s more content, more items to discover, a new blueprint system, and the story is complete. With so much to now see and do, you’ll want a Sons of the Forest interactive map to use as a handy reference. Well, thankfully there’s one available! We’ve recently updated this article with more information.

Interactive Sons of the Forest Map

Similar to other interactive maps showcased on our website, this map by MapGenie offers comparable functionality. By clicking within the window, you can navigate across the map, utilizing your mouse wheel or touchscreen to zoom in and out. Clicking on each icon reveals details about various points of interest, including cannibal camps, caves, and item locations.

We actually have detailed guides on Blueprint locations (a new feature of version 1.0), where to find keycards, and a list of all recipes. Use these in tandem with the interactive map for best results.

Sons of the Forest 1.0 Map Locations & POIs

There are several key locations in Sons of the Forest that players can explore, each offering unique items and resources. These include but are not limited to:

  • Beach Spawn: One of three spawn points for starting the game.
  • Boats (Blazer): Contains the Blazer clothing item among wrecked boats.
  • Can Opener: Found near mostly empty caves, used to open canned food.
  • Crashed Plane: Contains the Leather Jacket clothing item and other loot nearby.
  • Dead Pilot and Dead Soldier: Offer useful loot, including a Pistol Rail for attachments.
  • Flashlight: Marked by a purple GPS marker, providing early game supplies.
  • Food and Dining Bunker: Contains food, the VIP Keycard, and Virginia’s Dress.
  • Forest Spawn: Another spawn point for starting the game.
  • Guest Keycard Bunker: Houses the Guest Keycard, Chainsaw, and other items.
  • Helipads: Offer various loot scattered around.
  • Hoodie: Found in a Cannibal Camp, providing the Hoodie clothing item.
  • Maintenance A, B, and C Bunkers: Contain keycards, weapons, and clothing items.
  • Modern Axe Camp: Offers the Modern Axe and sleeping tents.
  • Mountain Spawn: The third spawn point for starting the game.
  • Pistol Raft: Marked by a purple GPS marker, contains the Pistol and other supplies.
  • Rebreather Cave: Provides the Rebreather for extended underwater swimming.
  • Ruined Bunker: Home to the Katana, Shotgun Rail, and other unique items.
  • Shotgun Grave: Marked by a purple GPS marker, requires a Shovel to access the Shotgun.
  • Shovel Cave: Contains the Shovel, necessary for accessing many other locations.
  • VIP Bunker: Contains various useful items and is crucial for the story’s conclusion.
  • Zipline Cave: Provides the Rope Gun, essential for accessing other bunkers.

How Big Is the Map? Explained

The map in Sons of the Forest is four times larger than its predecessor, The Forest, and features a diverse range of buildings, items, and spawn points. It is set on a different landmass and offers a greater variety of environments, including forests, snowy mountains, hills, and coastal areas.

By comparison to other games, Sons of the Forest isn’t quite as big. Here’s how it stacks up:

That said, it’s packed full of content. The 1.0 version of Sons of the Forest introduces new mutants and creatures, an overhauled building system, dynamic weather, and more intelligent enemies. The map has five times as many tree types and more diverse vegetation as its predecessor, with detailed subterranean areas including caverns and bunkers. Changing seasons affect resource availability and enemy behavior, adding to the game’s complexity. A GPS feature on a mobile device improves navigation compared to the previous game.

Best Base Location

sons of the forest best base location
Image source: Endnight

If you’re just starting out in the game and wondering where is best to build your first base, we’ve got the perfect spot for you.

The mini island located in a lake toward the northwest of the island stands out as our favorite base location in Sons of the Forest. Initially covered in vegetation and containing a few lootable coffins, the site offers lots of space for a large base once cleared.

This location’s primary advantage is its natural defense against attacks. Mutants, unable to swim or survive in water, pose no threat to an island base—except during winter when the lake freezes, necessitating fortifications.

Transporting materials for construction might seem challenging, but the game provides ingenious solutions. Logs thrown into water will float toward their target, and the process is significantly simplified with the Rope Gun. This tool not only facilitates quick player transport but can also be used to zip logs directly to the base, especially useful when combined with a log stash for collection.

For efficient base construction, the best option is to use Kelvin for continuous material and tree gathering on the mainland, allowing for a focus on building in the safety of the island. This location’s strategic proximity to various resources, points of interest, and abundant food sources, including fish, deer, and squirrels, makes it an ideal choice for base setup.

That wraps up our look at the Sons of the Forest interactive map by MapGenie.

Editor’s note: We Game Daily does not claim ownership of this interactive map. The content is hosted here to help our readers locate resources.