enshrouded landscape

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Clearing the shroud.

Of all the survival games that have flooded the games industry over the past year or so, Enshrouded’s Embervale is one of the most captivating. It’s packed full of places to discover, items to loot, and resources to mine, and it looks beautiful to boot. There’s so much, in fact, that having a handy reference for all the various locations is really useful. Thanks to the folks at MapGenie, this Enshrouded interactive map page does exactly that. We’ve kept this article updated with fresh info.

Interactive Map For Enshrouded

Just like other interactive maps we’ve featured on the site, this one works in a similar capacity. Click the window and then you’ll be able to pan across the map, using your mouse wheel or touch screen to zoom in. Each icon can be clicked on for information about what it is: from chests to cave, Ancient Tombs to places you can mine resources. Use our list of all resources in the game as a companion app.

All Enshrouded Biomes

Enshrouded Biomes operate using a variety of quests, player levels, and specifically your Flame Level. Without the appropriate Flame Level, advancement becomes unattainable, and the level range serves as a gauge for the increasing difficulty of combat. Furthermore, obtaining quests from NPCs and progressing through the main story often depends on unlocking recipes, acquiring crafting equipment, and other factors.

There are four main biomes across Embervale. These are as follows:

  • Springlands & Low Meadows: Peaceful hills, ruins, basic resources, mild enemies.
  • Revelwood: Poisonous creatures, copper, dense forests.
  • Nomad Highlands: Savannah-like, dangerous creatures, treasures, tin.
  • Kindlewastes: Fiery deserts, scarce resources, challenging enemies.

Notable Enshourded Map Locations

  • Abandoned Town: Loot and Metal Scraps; varies by zone.
  • Ancient Obelisk: Reveals Flame Sanctums/Shrines, offers lore.
  • Ancient Vault: Craftspeople NPCs, shares icon with White Temples.
  • Base: Fast Travel point, red flame in yellow diamond icon.
  • Black Tomb: Rare and dangerous, shares icon with Sun Temples.
  • Cave Passage: Underground areas, potential Shroud presence.
  • Cinder Vault: Starting point, shares icon with bases.
  • Elixir Well: Miniboss, Shroud Root, shares icon with Shroud Roots.
  • Farm: Plants for biome, safer than Abandoned Villages.
  • Flame Sanctum: Enclosed Flame Shrine.
  • Flame Shrine: Source of Sparks, shares icon with Flame Sanctums.
  • Green Camp: Abandoned camps, safer than Red Camps.
  • Mine: Ore source, often near the Shroud.
  • Red Camp: Hostile enemies, more dangerous than Green Camps.
  • Shroud Root: Awards Skill Point, shares icon with Elixir Wells.
  • Sun Temple: Late-game quest locations, shares icon with Black Tombs.
  • White Tomb: Rare exploration sites, shares icon with Ancient Vaults.

Best Places to Build a Base

Here are some locations we consider the best places to build your first base (or any base, for that matter) in Enshrouded:

  • Ferndale: Located near an Elixir Well, rapidly spawning enemies, and a town full of raiders, Ferndale offers a challenging yet rewarding base location. It’s excellent for leveling up quickly and finding essential resources.
  • Small Flint Mine: This location provides access to abundant Flintstone, making arrow crafting easy. It’s also close to a Shroud Root, which offers significant experience points and unlocks more of the map for exploration.
  • Vukah Ceremony Hill: Surprisingly, this area around an elite enemy’s spawn point makes for a great base location. It offers flat building spots, open space, and serves as an excellent XP farm. Defeating the Vukah Brawler yields substantial XP, trophies, and epic or legendary weapons.
  • Egerton Salt Mines: Setting up near Salt Mines or Saline Quarries is a smart choice. You’ll have a nearly unlimited Salt source and access to materials in the Shroud without constant danger. The Egerton Salt Mines location is particularly attractive due to its proximity to other important farms and XP opportunities.
  • Cinder Vault: Located in the initial area of Embervale, this spot is suggested by the tutorial for good reason. The terrain is flat and suitable for construction. It offers access to resource-rich areas and is situated in a low-level region, ensuring a safer environment for beginners.

Best Places to Find Golden Chests

The interactive map lists several places you can find chests, which obviously include golden chests. We actually have a dedicated guide this lists our favorite early, mid, and late game chest locations. Many of these serve as easy farming options given that you can simply place a Flame Altar and continually respawn them.

How Big Is the Map?

Embervale is a pretty large map. Even in Early Access, the map is already 24 square kilometers or 9.2 square miles. But developer Keen Games is planning to expand this to a whopping 64 square kilometers durings its development.

By comparison to other games, Enshrouded is already sizeable. Here’s how it stacks up:

How to Fast Travel

Thankfully, you don’t have to travel around Embervale entirely on foot. Quite apart from a handy grappling hook and glider to aid your traversal, you can also fast travel. Here’s how to do so:

  • Activate by left-clicking on the Cinder Vault, a base, or an Ancient Spire and choosing “Fast Travel.”
  • Unavailable in the Shroud.
  • Can be disrupted by taking damage, though not always.
  • Advisable to teleport from a safe location due to vulnerability during the process.

That wraps up our look at the Enshrouded interactive map by MapGenie.

Editor’s note: We Game Daily does not claim ownership of this interactive map. The content is hosted here to help our readers locate resources.