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Bonds that bind.

One of the key features that characterizes Persona 3 Reload is its Social Links. These bonds formed with NPCs influence the game’s progression and persona fusion outcomes. One of the most prominent Social Links is the bond you can form with Hidetoshi Odagiri of the Student Council. Here, we detail how to form the Persona 3 Reload Student Council Social Link, also known as the Emperor Social Link.

Unlocking the Emperor (Student Council) Social Link

The journey to unlock the Student Council Social Link begins with an invitation to join the Student Council from Mitsuru, a central character in the game. Once you accept the invitation, you’ll need to visit the Faculty Room and speak with your Homeroom Teacher to officially join.

The subsequent event introduces you to the Emperor Social Link and the Justice Social Link.

Navigating Hidetoshi’s Schedule

To strengthen your bond with Hidetoshi, you need to participate in Student Council meetings. These meetings take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, barring holidays and the days preceding exams.

Optimal Choices for Social Link Events

In Persona 3 Reload, your choices during Social Link events profoundly affect the relationship’s progression. Here’s a rundown of the best responses for each rank in the Emperor Social Link:

Rank 2 – When discussing the abolition of the school uniform, opt for the response “Sounds like nonsense” to earn +3 points.

Rank 3 – Inquire “What happened?” to earn +1 point during this rank.

Rank 4 – Compliment Hidetoshi’s work ethic by saying “Looks like you’re hard at work” to gain +3 points.

Rank 5 – Show empathy towards Hidetoshi by agreeing “They’re the worst,” earning you +3 points.

Rank 6 – Express your commitment to the meeting by responding “But I just got here…” to earn +3 points.

Rank 7 – Empathize with the smoker’s punishment by saying “It seems too harsh,” earning you +3 points.

Rank 8 – When caught in a tricky situation, deny involvement by saying “It wasn’t me” to gain +3 points.

Rank 9 – Offer comfort by saying “Don’t blame yourself” to earn +3 points.

Rank 10 – Show your appreciation for Hidetoshi’s efforts by saying “Not too shabby” and “I guess I’ll take it,” both responses earning you +3 points each.

Rewards for Ranking Up the Student Council Social Link

The rewards for leveling up the Emperor Social Link are twofold. First, upon reaching Rank 10, Hidetoshi gifts you a Cheap Lighter, a key item that enables the fusion of the ultimate Persona of the Emperor Arcana, Odin. Second, each time you enhance your bond with Hidetoshi, Elizabeth, the mysterious resident of the Velvet Room, rewards you with Twilight Fragments. These fragments are invaluable for unlocking chests in Tartarus, potentially yielding powerful weapons and armor.

Should You Max Out Your Emperor Social Link?

Maxing out your Emperor Social Link is useful for several reasons. It allows you to experience significant bonuses when fusing Emperor Arcana Personas. Plus, it’s one of the quickest Social Links to max out. Also, the narrative arc of Hidetoshi’s character is just compelling to experience in its own right.

However, since the Student Council convenes frequently, you can prioritize Social Links with less frequent schedules. Just bear in mind that you won’t be able to meet the Student Council on days before exams or during school-free days.

There you have it: a guide on how to form the Persona 3 Reload Student Council Social Link, also known as the Emperor Social Link. Completing and maxing out this bond, represented by Hidetoshi Odagiri, offers a rich narrative and valuable gameplay rewards. Of course, you can always just chill with your team for some goodies or do a bit of shopping. That’s the beauty of Persona.