How to beat the Lustful Snake in Persona 3 Reload

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Unwanted attention.

In the ever-evolving dungeon of Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, many dangerous foes await to ruin your day. We’ve already run through how to beat every shadow in the Arqa block, but one enemy in particular is particularly nasty. Found within the Arqa and Yabbashah blocks, the Lustful Snake can be tough to defeat. With the ability to inflict devastating status ailments on your entire team, understanding and exploiting the Lustful Snake’s weaknesses is essential. Here, we run through how to beat the Lustful Snake in Persona 3 Reload, including its weakness, so you can down this rapacious reptile without too much trouble.

The Lustful Snake, Explained

Before diving into battle strategies, let’s discuss the Lustful Snake’s main threat. A Level 28 enemy, it’s infamous for its Sexy Dance move. This move can charm your whole party, turning allies against each other in a chaotic mess of friendly fire. Such a situation can quickly ruin your day, so you need to be prepared for it.

Key Attributes

The Lustful Snake is particularly weak to Ice type, and doesn’t have any resistances. Still, we’d recommend you’re at least Level 24 before tackling this shadow.

  • Weakness: Ice
  • Resists: None
  • Repels: None
  • Nullifies: None

How to Beat the Lustful Snake in Persona 3 Reload

Team Composition and Persona Choice

Incorporating a Persona with Ice magic is a must when facing the Lustful Snake.

Mitsuru, with her Persona Penthesilea, is an invaluable ally in this encounter, capable of casting Bufu and Bufula spells to exploit the enemy’s ice vulnerability. However, players should exercise caution when selecting their Persona; avoid those weak against Fire or Agi spells, as the Lustful Snake can unleash Maragion and Agilao, potentially knocking out key team members, especially the protagonist.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

So that the Lustful Snake doesn’t take you by surprise, keep an eye out for Shadows emanating a thick red aura and those that appear as spiky dots on the mini-map. These indicators signal the presence of this seductive enemy.

Equipment and Accessories

Since the Lustful Snake’s charm effect can dismantle your team, equipping the Narcissus Flower accessory provides a significant advantage by preventing the charm status. This accessory is only accessible after July 18 from Mayoido Antiques, though. It requires Nihil Ore, Soul Sea Driblet, and Malachite for crafting.

Utilizing Dis-Charm

If your team members do fall victim to the charm status, having Dis-Charm on hand is essential. This consumable can be found in treasure chests within Tartarus or purchased at Aohige Pharmacy, acting as an immediate remedy to the charm status ailment.

In short, make sure you’re well prepared with Narcissus Flowers and Dis-Charms before tacking the Lustful Snake. Its Sexy Dance move is anything but and can seriously mess up your adventure. With this guide on how to beat the Lustful Snake in Persona 3 Reload, you should be able to best this tricky foe. Just remember its weakness to the Ice element. And then just wait until you reach the Elegant Mother!