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About & Contact Information

We Game Daily is a media outlet covering video games and pop culture. Our mission is to deliver quality news reporting, detailed guides, and cutting opinions on a variety of topics that fall under that umbrella.

The website is written and edited by just a small handful of dedicated individuals. We always strive to ensure our work is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. You can find out more about our staff by reading the team page; here we’ll explain our writing standards and policies.

If you have any queries on concerns, contact us at admin@wegamedaily.com

Content Policy & Editorial Standards

We Game Daily provides a diverse range of content, encompassing news, reviews, interviews, tips, and guides. Our sources of information include press releases and media channels of publishers, studios, and manufacturers. To offer comprehensive coverage to our audience, we may also create content based on information from other sources. We strive to verify information by cross-referencing multiple sources.

While we respect the anonymity of those who share information with our writers, we require proof of their identity for our editorial staff. Additionally, we credit and provide a link to the original source when featuring information disclosed by another publication or content creator. Image credits are given to the respective creator or publisher.

When reporting information that is not publicly available, we reach out to the relevant companies or individuals to request their comments.

While we do cover rumors and leaked information, we ensure that such information originates from reliable sources. We also make an effort to contact the involved companies to provide them with an opportunity to verify or refute the rumors.

We Game Daily Corrections and Updates

At We Game Daily, we publish numerous articles each week, many of which require updates to ensure the information remains relevant and up to date. This may include incorporating new details and context into developing news stories, adding fresh recommendations to buyer’s guides, or providing additional tips following game updates.

To maintain transparency and be accountable for our work, we promptly correct any factual errors in our articles. We include a note at the bottom of the article, explaining the nature of the error and the correction made. If a factual error significantly alters the meaning of the article, we update it with the accurate information and acknowledge the errors near the beginning of the piece.

Generally, we have a policy of retaining content on our website. However, in rare cases, usually related to legal considerations, we may need to remove an article from wegamedaily.com. If such a situation arises, we will include an editor’s note in the original article’s location, providing an explanation for its removal.

Affiliate Advertising and Deals

Policy Affiliate links play a vital role in enabling We Game Daily to provide comprehensive coverage in the realms of gaming, tech, and TV & Movies. Affiliate marketing is a widely practiced approach in the digital media landscape, allowing us to offer convenient retail links to readers for purchasing the products discussed in our content. For instance, if we review a new keyboard, game, or Netflix show, we may include a link to a retailer or streaming service where interested readers can make a purchase. By clicking on these product links, we may earn a small commission on any subsequent purchases made from the linked retailer.

Affiliate links are featured in various articles throughout We Game Daily, and we prioritize transparency with our audience. Therefore, any article containing product links to retailers includes a clear disclaimer at the bottom, ensuring readers are fully informed.