best enshrouded mage build

Image source: Keen Games

Simply too good, they said.

Enshrouded players who are leaning toward healer or support builds won’t be pleased to learn of a nerf to Aura Water as of Patch The changes have significantly reduced its effectiveness, which means you’ll want to retool your build accordingly.

Originally, Aura Water served as a reliable healing mechanism, especially potent in multiplayer settings where its stacking effect could lead to what many considered overpowered outcomes. The skill’s ability to heal over time made it a go-to choice for both solo adventurers and teams alike. However, this latest update has seen the skill’s healing capacity and frequency drastically diminished. The devs described the ability as being “just too good” in the patch notes.

Aura Water Nerf Has Changed Enshrouded’s Meta

If you’ve invested heavily in intelligence and the healer skill tree, the nerf transformed Aura Water from a crucial survival tool to a questionable investment. The changes to Aura Water not only reduced the healing per tick but also slowed down the frequency of these ticks, rendering the skill less effective in critical moments of gameplay. So, it’s time to pivot. We recommend reallocating skill points away from the healer tree in favor of other upgrades, such as extra food slots.

That being said, our Mage build is still pretty viable in soloplay, unless you were being way overreliant on the ability.

Our take on the change is that while balancing in multiplayer scenarios was probably necessary, a more gentle approach might have been better. Keen Games could have preserved the skill’s viability without rendering it almost obsolete. Perhaps implementing diminishing returns on healing effectiveness in multiplayer settings or preventing the stacking of multiple players’ Aura Waters to maintain balance without sacrificing solo play utility would have been the better approach.

Of course, there’s always a delicate balance between maintaining challenge and providing players with viable survival tools in any RPG. Let’s hope future updates expand the skill trees, offering more diverse and balanced options for all play styles.

In the meantime, it’s just a case of adapting with builds that accommodate the current state of Aura Water. You can check out our Paladin build for a nice hybrid between magic and warrior, which fuses elements of those to create something that makes sense in the new Enshrouded meta.