persona 3 reload corrupt tower

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Fell the tower.

‍When you’re not attending school or shopping at the mall to enhance social links, Persona 3 Reload transports you to a tower called Tartarus, a labyrinthine structure filled with enemies, mini-bosses, and recruitable Personas. If you’re struggling to defeat shadows in the Arqa section, and especially The Corrupt Tower, here’s how.

Beating the Corrupt Tower in Persona 3 Reload (Weaknesses)

Tartarus is divided into different blocks, each with unique challenges and enemies. The Corrupt Tower is encountered in the second block, known as Arqa, which spans floors 23 to 43. Before you get there, though, you’ll face increasingly challenging enemies. Each has its specific strengths and weaknesses.

After defeating the first six, you’ll get to the Corrupt Tower. This enemy is challenging due to its resistance to Pierce Attacks, so using a pierce attack against the Corrupt Tower can backfire. But like other enemies you’ve beaten so far, it has its weaknesses.

The Corrupt Tower has a weakness against Electric and Strike attacks. Therefore, the optimal strategy to defeat the Corrupt Tower involves using these specific attacks. By exploiting these weaknesses and coordinating attacks effectively, players can overcome them fairly easily.

All Arqa Shadows & Their Weaknesses

First Half of Arqa (23F-42F)

  • Frivolous Maya: Weak to Strike and Ice; Strong against Wind.
  • Laughing Table: Weak to Strike and Wind; Strong against Fire and Ice.
  • Grieving Tiara: Weak to Fire; Nullifies Ice.
  • Black Raven: Weak to Wind; Nullifies Fire; Strong against Elec.
  • Heat Balance: Weak to Strike, Fire, Ice, and Wind.
  • Spurious Book: Weak to Ice; Nullifies Wind.
  • Corrupt Tower: Weak to Strike and Electric.
  • Steel Gigas: Strong against Strike; Weak to Elec.
  • Wild Beast: Weak to Strike and Wind.
  • Phantom Mage: Weak to Fire and Wind; Nullifies Dark.
  • Enslaved Beast: Weak to Fire.
  • Soul Dancer: Weak to Wind; Nullifies Ice.
  • Venus Eagle: Weak to Slash and Pierce; Weak to Fire and Ice.
  • Treasure Hand: Weak to Light.

Second Half of Arqa (43F-69F)

  • Vicious Raven: Weak to Ice; Drains Fire; Strong against Elec.
  • Sky Balance: Weak to Fire, Ice; Repels Elec and Wind.
  • Haughty Maya: Weak to Wind; Strong against Light.
  • Steel Gigas: Strong against Strike; Weak to Elec.
  • Bronze Dice: Weak to Elec; Nullifies Slash.
  • Maniacal Book: Weak to Fire; Absorbs Ice; Nullifies Wind.
  • Bestial Wheel: Strong against Strike and Pierce; Weak to Wind.
  • Crying Table: Weak to Ice; Nullifies Fire.
  • Lustful Snake: Weak to Ice; Drains Fire.
  • Dark Eagle: Weak to Wind; Nullifies Dark.
  • Jealous Cupid: Weak to Ice; Nullifies Wind.
  • Adamant Beetle: Strong against Slash; Nullifies Pierce.
  • Phantom Master: Weak to Wind; Nullifies Dark.
  • Killing Hand: Weak to Wind; Nullifies Ice and Dark.
  • Precious Hand: Weak to Light.

Again, every shadow enemy in Persona 3 Reload has a hidden weakness, so your key to victory is simply to trial and error until you’ve found what that is. The pattern is the same for every encounter.