roblox the classic open character doors

Image source: Roblox Corp.

Mystery doors.

The Classic Event has hit Roblox, bringing with it a bunch of fun minigames spread across over a dozen games, all to earn tokens. This event features the Classic Hub, a place loaded with easter eggs. One of the easiest tokens to grab is hidden behind a series of character doors. Let’s get into how to open all character doors in Roblox The Classic and snag that token.

Opening All Character Doors in Roblox The Classic

First things first, you’ll need to enter the Classic Hub. Here’s a step-by-step on finding and opening the character doors.

Locating the Character Doors

  1. Join The Classic Roblox game: Start by hopping into The Classic event game.
  2. Find the Character Doors: When you spawn in, turn around until you spot the leaderboards. Head towards them and look for a black and white flag past the boards. Below this flag is a hole with a ladder leading down to the go-kart track. Jump down if you’re feeling brave, or use the ladder.
  3. Reach the Doors: Once you’re down, hug the wall near the ladder. Follow the wall until you see a white, semi-transparent wall with Roblox character pictures. These are your character doors.

Opening the Character Doors

To open these doors, you’ll need to type specific names into the chat. Here’s the order:

  1. builderman: Type “builderman” and the first door will open.
  2. shedletsky: Next, type “shedletsky” to get through the second door.
  3. clockwork: For the third door, type “clockwork.”
  4. telamon: Enter “telamon” to open the fourth door.
  5. 1x1x1x1: Finally, type “1x1x1x1” to open the last door.

Collecting the Classic Token

After you’ve opened all five doors, you’ll find the Classic Token waiting for you. Don’t forget to pick it up manually; walking through won’t automatically collect it. Along with the token, you’ll also earn a badge, adding to your achievements in The Classic event.

That’s all you need to know to open all character doors in Roblox The Classic and grab the Classic Token. This straightforward quest is a quick win, helping you get closer to earning those coveted cosmetic items. Dive in and enjoy the rest of the event, exploring all the fun minigames The Classic has to offer.