final fantasy 7 rebirth interactive map

Image source: Square Enix

Scaling up.

When Square Enix first teased Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, we wondered how big its map would be. After all, if it was a 1:1 with the original game it would be massive. Well, that’s what Square Enix promised, and as it turns out it did deliver… sort of. While the world map is not 100% accurate to what is playable (shock, horror), it’s still pretty damn enormous. With so much to explore, luckily there’s already an FF7 Rebirth interactive map to serve as a handy reference. Let’s check it out.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Interactive Map

Just like the other interactive maps featured on our website, this map for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth by MapGenie provides similar functionality. By clicking within the window, you can explore the map, using your mouse wheel or touchscreen to zoom in and out. Clicking on each icon reveals information about various points of interest, including Chocobo Stops, Remnawave Towers, and locations for Chocobo Hidden Treasures. You can also use it in tandem with our list of Queen’s Blood player locations.

Final Fantasy 7 Map Icons

Both in your own in-game map and the interactive map, you’ll become familiar with map icons that denote different activities. These are as follows:

  • Chocobo Hidden Treasures: These are buried items that can be found and dug up by a Chocobo. A question mark icon appears above the Chocobo when it senses a nearby treasure. Players need to follow the scent and press the down button to excavate the treasure.
  • Chocobo Stops: These are fast travel points that allow players to teleport from one location to another. They also serve as rest stops where players can recover HP and MP by spending a cushion.
  • Remnawave Towers: These towers reveal nearby points of interest on the map. Activating them is recommended for easier exploration.
  • Combat Assignments: These are challenges where Cloud and his friends must fight specific enemies under certain conditions. Completing these assignments unlocks new Combat Simulator Challenges.
  • Lifesprings: When activated, Lifesprings unlock Region Intel, Excavation Intel, or Classified Intel, in addition to providing EXP. Region Intel provides lore about the area, Excavation Intel reveals the location of a buried item for the Chocobo to unearth, and Classified Intel provides an enemy for the player to defeat.

All FF7 Rebirth Map Areas (Biomes)

As mentioned earlier, the world map of FF7 Rebirth doesn’t precisely line up with the playable land mass in the game. There’s lots of area you can’t actually explore. Still, all the various regions are places you can go; they’re like separated mini open-worlds. These are as follows:

  • Grasslands Region: This is the starting area of the game, featuring smaller outposts and swamplands. Players will need to rent a Chocobo from the local ranch to cross certain areas.
  • Junon Region: Accessible in the second demo of the game, the specifics of this region are not detailed in the provided information.
  • Corel Region: Known for the Golden Saucer, a massive amusement park filled with minigames.
  • Gongaga Region: A small village located in a lush jungle, notable for a tragic mako reactor explosion and being Zack’s hometown.
  • Cosmo Canyon Region: A rocky area situated atop a plateau, home to Red XIII.
  • Nibel Region: Featuring Nibelheim, the hometown of Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart, as well as the Shinra Manor where Vincent Valentine rests. This was the first area showcased to players in the game’s first demo.

How Big Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Answered

Since the game isn’t one large interconnected open world, and because the world map itself isn’t to scale, it’s tricky to measure. We’ll need to measure the square area of each individual biome and then tally them up. Stick with us! For now, what we can say is that while the map isn’t quite as large as we initially thought it’s still very, very big. We’d estimate it at around 50km2

If that’s accurate, it would make it one of the larger recent open world games. Here are some comparisons:

We’ll keep this article updated with new information as and when we have it available. For now, that wraps up our FF7 interactive map page by MapGenie.

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