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ARK: Survival Ascended has put a fresh coat of paint on a beloved survival experience. Exploring the wilderness of its lush open-world ‘The Island’ map looks better than ever in Unreal Engine 5. It’s just as dangerous as before though, challenging players to scavenge resources and fight for their lives on a prehistoric island teeming with dinos. This ARK Survival Ascended interactive map should prove a very handy tool for you on your adventure, highlighting key resource locations, dinos, and explorer notes.

ARK Ascended Interactive Map

This interactive map showcased above unveils the entire Island, highlighting essential materials for base construction. Simply browse the window above, using your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Refer to the config underneath to select which resources you want to highlight. You can then hover over each marker for more information; also note that exact coordinates are showcased in the top-left-hand corner.

All ARK Survival Ascended Resources & Locations

There are a huge number of different resources you can find across The Island, each useful as ingredients for various crafting recipes. Below is an overview of all of them and rough areas of the map where they’re found. You can use the interactive map to zero in on their precise locations.

The Beach:

  • Stone, Wood, Thatch, and Fiber: Gathered with hatchet and pickaxe.
  • Meat, Hide, and Berries: Gathered from dinosaur carcasses with hatchet and pickaxe.

Snow Biome:

  • Pelt: Harvested from creatures with fur in the snow biome.
  • Polymer: Found on icebergs at the edge of the map and along the snow’s edge.
  • Oil: Primarily in the snow biome and underwater. Best locations listed here.
  • Crystal: High mountains also yield oil and crystal.

Volcano Biome & Obsidian Mountain:

  • Crystal and Obsidian: Found in the volcano area.
  • Metal: Volcano and mountains throughout the map are great sources of metal.

Underwater (West 3 & Pearl Caves):

  • Silica Pearls: Found in underwater caves or collected by a high-level frog. Full Silica Pearl location guide here.
  • Black Pearls: Obtained from Sea Scorpions and Trilobites underwater.
  • Eurypterid Toxin: Obtained from Sea Scorpions for crafting sickness cures.

Swamp Biome, Honey & Sap:

  • Sap: Obtained by placing sap taps on tree platforms.
  • Leech Blood: Harvested using a frog in the swamp for crafting antidotes.
  • Honey: Collected from beehives with a full set of Ghillie to minimize bee attacks.
  • Queen Bees: Also found in beehives and can be tamed.
  • Plant X: Valuable resource for base defenses in the swamp.

Swamp Cave (Good For EXP/Cementing Paste):

  • Cementing Paste: Found in the Swamp Cave and Beaver dams along the south coast.

In addition to resources, you can also switch on markers such as Spawn Points, Explorer Note locations, Base Spots, and more. If you’re just starting out in the game then be sure to check out our beginner guide for the best possible start. For those who want to customize the experience, our overview of all the console commands and cheats is worth a look.

How Big Is ARK Survival Ascended’s Map? Answered

The Island map in ARK Survival Ascended aims to replicate the original ARK: Survival Evolved map on a one-to-one scale, spanning roughly 48 square kilometers (19 square miles). This expanse includes about 36 square kilometers (14 square miles) of terrestrial terrain complemented by 12 square kilometers (4.6 square miles) of aquatic environment. However, the updated map presents a lusher, more densely wooded landscape, giving an impression of a somewhat more compact space.

In case you were wondering, the total download size for ARK Survival Ascended is roughly 70GB, which is about on point for an open-world map of this size — especially given the depth of its content.

Here’s how the map size compares to others:

When Will More Maps Release for Ark Survival Ascended? Explained

The transition of maps from ARK Survival Evolved’s Extinction expansion to ARK Survival Ascended was originally expected to kick off before the end of 2023, with Scorched Earth first on the agenda. That said, following the recent delays to console versions it is now instead expected in the early months of 2024. Following closely, the Genesis Part 1 maps will make their debut approximately a month later within the same timeframe.

Studio Wildcard has now revealed more details on its ARK Survival Ascended content roadmap extending from 2023 to 2025. Specific release dates for new maps haven’t been disclosed, but a detailed schedule has been shared, highlighting the exciting updates in the pipeline:

  • SOTF/Cryopods – December 2023
  • Scorched Earth – April 2024
  • The Center – May 2024
  • Aberration – July 2024
  • Ragnarok – September 2024
  • Extinction – October 2024
  • Surprise map – November 2024
  • Valguero – December 2024
  • Genesis – February 2025
  • Crystal Isles – April 2025
  • Genesis Part 2 – May 2025
  • Lost Island – August 2025
  • Fjordur – October 2025

Looking ahead to the second quarter of 2024, the maps from Genesis Part 2 are slated for release in ARK Survival Ascended. This staggered release approach allows players ample opportunity to delve into the standard maps, now improved by Unreal Engine 5.

ARK: Survival Ascended is out on PC and Xbox, and Playstation. The full sequel title is expected to launch next year following a delay to its originally scheduled date.

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