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Every location.

Fallout 76 might not have launched in the best state back in 2019, but subsequent patches and new content updates have transformed the game into one of the best in the series. Speaking of series, if you’ve been enjoying the recent Fallout show like so many people then you’re probably ready to hop back in and give the game another go. As you set out on your adventure, what could be more handy than a Fallout 76 interactive map? Well, we’re here with exactly that.

Fallout 76 Map: Interactive Weapon and Item Locations

This Fallout 76 interactive map by MapGenie functions much like the others we’ve featured here at We Game Daily: click on the window, then simply hover over the points of interest you wish to explore. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in on specific locations. Clicking on each icon reveals additional, useful information.

Interactive Map Features

Dynamic Day-Night Cycle and Weather: Experience the post-apocalyptic landscape of Fallout 76 which comes alive with a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system. These features not only add visual depth but also influence gameplay, as different creatures emerge at night, and weather conditions can affect your combat tactics and exploration.

Resource Map & Farming Guides: Resources are crucial for survival. Our map provides detailed farming guides for essential resources like Ballistic Fiber, Aluminum, and Black Titanium, helping you efficiently restock and repair gear.

Bobbleheads: Discover all the locations of the 20 different types of Bobbleheads which provide temporary buffs. Our guide includes efficient farming routes to help you collect them all.

Cryptids List & Locations: Explore where to find enigmatic Cryptids such as the Mothman and Wendigo, complete with location and lore information. Engaging with these creatures adds intriguing narratives to your adventure.

Treasure Maps: Treasure maps lead to hidden goodies. Our interactive guide ensures you won’t miss out on any treasures by providing the precise locations marked in the game.

Workshops and Vendors: With 22 different workshops across 6 zones, our map helps you identify each one’s location and the resources it produces. Vendor locations are also detailed to facilitate trade and resource acquisition.

Unlockable Locations: Progress through the game to unlock specific areas, enhancing exploration and deepening engagement with Fallout 76’s rich storyline.

All Map Regions

The map of Fallout 76 is organized into six distinct regions, each with unique challenges and opportunities:

  1. The Forest: Starting zone, home to Vault 76. Ideal for new players.
  2. Toxic Valley: Covered in white industrial powder, contains mid-level challenges.
  3. Ash Heap: A dusty, industrial zone, slightly more challenging.
  4. Savage Divide: A diverse central region with a wide range of enemy levels.
  5. The Mire: A mysterious, swampy area with tougher enemies.
  6. Cranberry Bog: The most challenging region with high-level enemies.

How Big Fallout 76 Map Size Is

Fallout 76 is primarily set in West Virginia, although it includes some locations beyond the state borders. We’ve analyzed the game’s geography estimate that the map covers approximately 24,038 square miles, offering a vast range of encounters for players.

Whether you’re a new resident of Appalachia or a returning veteran, this interactive map should give you a helping hand on your Fallout 76 adventure.

Editor’s note: We Game Daily does not claim ownership of this interactive map. The content is hosted here to help our readers locate resources.