spider-man 2 map is made easy thanks to the interactive tool

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Point and click.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s open-world map is an iteration of the 2018 game’s, featuring new suburbs packed with even more collectibles and activities. Exploration of New York City is all part of the fun, but if you’re looking to zero in on a particular piece of equipment or quest location, you’ll want to handy reference. We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of what’s on the map and a superb Spider-Man 2 interactive map tool that you can use to pinpoint everything in the game.

Spider-Man 2 Interactive Map

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s open-world map is divided into 14 distinctive districts, each packed with numerous activities and collectibles. It’s an enormous and detailed expanse, which is made all the easier to navigate thanks to the awesome interactive map by MapGenie.

As you can see, the map allows players to mark visited locations, track collected items, and search for specific points of interest. It also includes a search bar for locating specific items, enemies, or bosses. The main elements of the interface include fast filtering markers, a search line, detailed categories, subcategories, and a tracker. If the map does not work correctly, refreshing the page can resolve the issue.

By clicking on any marker of interest, you can find out more about the location, such as its exact location, tasks associated with it, rewards provided, and in-game information and description. Remember, you can always fast-travel to locations you have explored if you’d prefer not to swing about the map.

Symbols on the Interactive Map

The interactive map uses specific symbols to represent different categories of markers. These include:

  • Locations: Iconic Spider-Man locations that can be visited.
  • Collectibles: Items that can be collected throughout the game.
  • Missions: Tasks that can be completed for rewards.
  • Activities: Points of interest that provide additional tasks.

The game’s total length is around about 12 hours, but if you’re a completionist who likes seeing and experiencing everything then you can expect another 5 to 10 hours out of it.

Activities in Spider-Man 2 Map

The Spider-Man 2 map is replete with a wide array of activities to keep players engaged. These include:

  • Photo Ops: Capture stunning images of the city’s landmarks.
  • Hunter Blinds and Bases: Take down enemy outposts.
  • Spider-Bots: Find and collect these elusive bots.
  • Mysteriums: Solve mysteries and uncover secrets.
  • Cultural Museum: Engage in tasks related to the museum.
  • The Fire: Extinguish fires and save citizens.
  • Unidentified Targets: Take out hidden enemies.
  • Symbiote Nests: Destroy these nests to prevent the spread of symbiotes.
  • Prowler Stashes: Discover hidden stashes scattered around the city.
  • EMG Experiments: Participate in these scientific activities.

Collectibles in Spider-Man 2 Map

Collectibles are an integral part of the Spider-Man 2 map. Hunting for these items not only adds an extra layer of excitement to the game but also provides players with additional rewards and bonuses. Some of the collectibles you can find include:

  • Marco’s Memories: Find these memory markers scattered around the city.
  • Spider-Bots: Collect these bots to enhance your capabilities.
  • Photo OPS: Take pictures of specific locations for rewards.
  • Suits: Unlock unique Spider-Man suits through various challenges and achievements.

Districts & Map Layout

full spider-man 2 map

The Spider-Man 2 map is divided into 14 unique districts, each with its own set of activities and collectibles. These districts include:

  1. Harlem
  2. Upper East Side
  3. Central Park
  4. Upper West Side
  5. Hell’s Kitchen
  6. Midtown
  7. Greenwich
  8. Chinatown
  9. Financial District
  10. Downtown Brooklyn
  11. Williamsburg
  12. Little Odessa
  13. Downtown Queens
  14. Astoria

Spider-Man 2 is available on PlayStation platforms only, but it’s expected to come to PC at some point or another. You can check out a bunch of other coverage on the game by searching We Game Daily.

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