Best mana regen ring in Enshrouded

Image source: Keen Games via We Game Daily

Keep on castin'.

When you’re navigating the world of Enshrouded, equipment that buffs your abilities can make a big difference. This is especially the case for magic builds such as the Wizard and the Paladin. Among such items, the Ring of Rapacity stands out as the best mana regen ring in Enshrouded. This guide walks you through how and where to get two of these powerful rings, allowing for an endless stream of mana regeneration as you battle Embervale’s hostiles. We’ve updated this guide with new images to better help you locate the item.

Best Mana Regen Ring in Enshrouded

ring of rapacity in enshrouded
Image source: Keen Games

The Ring of Rapacity reduces mana costs by 20% and increases mana regeneration by 20%. However, the key feature that sets it apart from other similar equipment its ability to provide 20 flat mana regeneration, not just a percentage increase.

This means that if you have two of these rings equipped, your mana replenishes so rapidly that you can cast high-cost spells continuously without running out of mana. This effectively removes the mana bottleneck, allowing for continuous casting that’s perfect for both offensive spells and supportive magic.

Location of the Ring of Rapacity

The Ring of Rapacity can be found in Willowcraft village, nestled between the Revelwood Ancient Spire and the Springlands Ancient Spire . Here’s a step-by-step guide to reaching this coveted item:

  1. Starting Point: Teleport to the Revelwood Ancient Spire.
  2. Direction: Once there, face south towards the other Ancient Spire visible on the horizon. Willowcraft village, where the ring is located will be visible here.
  3. Route for Basic Gliders: If you have a basic glider, head for the bridge that leads towards Reel Woods. This bridge is your landmark to cross over to reach Willowcraft. Upon landing, locate a flame shrine at the bottom as your starting point and follow the cliff edge.
  4. For Advanced Gliders: Those with better gliders can directly fly to the village visible from the Revelwood Ancient Spire, significantly reducing travel time.
  5. Key Locations Along the Way: As you follow the cliff, look out for a carpenter camp where you can find valuable loot. Continue towards the bridge, crossing it amidst potential enemy encounters, to enter Willowcraft village.
  6. Final Steps: In Willowcraft, search beneath the floorboards for a site you can dig through. Clear the rubble to uncover a corpse that bears the Ring of Rapacity.

A great bonus is that, if you reset the server and repeat the process, you can obtain a second Ring of Rapacity. This repetition ensures you can dual-wield the rings for the ultimate mana regeneration capability.

Equipped with the Rings of Rapacity, magic users can cast spells relentlessly, making encounters, especially with aerial foes, significantly easier. Fireballs can be launched without pause, ensuring you’re always ready for combat and exploration without the need to conserve mana.

By following this guide, you shouldn’t have any trouble tracking down the best mana regen ring in Enshrouded: the Ring of Rapacity. Better still, you can easily get two of them! Just head to the village of Willowcraft, south of the Revelwood Ancient Spire. If you’re having trouble with locations, check out our interactive map of Embervale. And if you need charges for your staff, we have you covered there, too.