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Rise, young spellcaster!

If you’re looking to channel your inner Gandalf while playing Keen Games’ latest survival game, then you’ll want to know the best wizard build in Enshrouded. As we’ve done for other fantasy classes already, here we’re putting together exactly that for the wizard class. Let’s dive in!

How to Build a Wizard in Enshrouded

This wizard build is all about maximizing ranged damage, which is critical for a character class that thrives on keeping distance from enemies. You’ll employ a wand for consistent, mana-efficient damage and a staff for powerful elemental attacks, creating a versatile offensive toolkit. The emphasis on intelligence as the primary attribute further boosts magical damage, making our Wizard build exceptionally potent in combat.

In terms of survivability, the build incorporates skills that enhance health regeneration and offer protective measures like the blink ability for quick repositioning. This ensures that the Wizard, despite being inherently fragile, can sustain longer in battle and avoid direct confrontations.

Lastly, mobility is key in this build, allowing the Wizard to maintain optimal distance from foes. This is super important for a class that relies on ranged attacks. The ability to effectively manage space in combat scenarios, coupled with high damage output, makes this Wizard build both effective and efficient in the gameplay of Enshrouded.

  • Intelligence: This is the key attribute for enhancing spell damage and effectiveness. A higher Intelligence score boosts the potency of magical attacks and improves the effectiveness of certain skills, particularly those involving healing and area-of-effect damage.
  • Spirit: This attribute primarily increases the Wizard’s mana pool, allowing for more frequent use of spells and abilities. It’s especially important for players who prefer using staffs with powerful, mana-intensive attacks, ensuring they can sustain spellcasting in extended fights.

Skill Selection and Progression

Here’s an overview of the skills that we selected from the skill tree, with a brief explanation as to why it makes sense for the build:

  • Endurance (Survivor skill) – Increases stamina.
  • Runner (Survivor skill) – Boosts sprint speed and reduces stamina consumption.
  • Double Jump (Survivor skill) – Allows a second jump while airborne.
  • Intelligence (Healer skill) – Increases intelligence stat.
  • Healer (Healer skill) – Enhances health gain from healing spells.
  • Blink (Healer skill) – Replaces the dodge roll with a short-range teleport.
  • Healer 2 (Healer skill) – Further increases health gain from healing spells.
  • Water Aura (Healer skill) – Regenerates health based on intelligence.
  • Water of Life (Healer skill) – Further enhances health regeneration based on intelligence.
  • Spirit (Wizard skill) – Increases mana.
  • Necromancer (Wizard skill) – Chance to summon a friendly fire wisp upon killing an enemy with magic.
  • This is the Way (Wizard skill) – Increases all magic damage.
  • Quick Charge (Trickster skill) – Reduces staff charge-up time.
  • Counter Strike (Trickster skill) – Chance to reflect a portion of damage back to the attacker.
  • Arsonist (Wizard skill) – Increases all fire damage.
  • Pyromaniac (Wizard skill) – Further increases fire damage.
  • Radiant Aura (Wizard skill) – Enemies within range take fire damage based on intelligence.
  • Sun Aa (Wizard skill) – Adds fire damage based on intelligence.
  • Wizard (Wizard skill) – Increases critical hit chance when using magic weapons.

Once you’ve invest a good 60+ points from around level 19, you can begin to incorporate secondary skills for further development:

  • Intelligence (Battle Mage skill) – Additional intelligence boost.
  • Absorb (Battle Mage skill) – Mana generation when taking magical damage.
  • Wand Master (Battle Mage skill) – Increases wand projectile effectiveness.
  • Sting (Battle Mage skill) – Enhances repeated wand damage.
  • Begone (Trickster skill) – Provides a magic-powered attack for pushing and stunning enemies.
  • Terror (Trickster skill) – Stuns targets on critical hits with spells.

Best Wizard Weapons

Here are the weapons we recommend:

  • Primary Weapon: Crackling Fire Wand. This is the main hand weapon used for consistent, mana-efficient damage.
  • Secondary/Ranged Weapon: Undergrowth Staff, useful for powerful elemental attacks and requires mana to operate. The staff is particularly useful for opening shots or targeting ranged enemies.

These complement the Wizard’s focus on ranged attacks and elemental magic, with the wand providing a reliable, low-mana option for sustained damage, and the staff offering high-damage elemental attacks.

Best Wizard Armor

The armor is tailored to enhance the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of a magic-wielding character. Wizard-specific gear, such as the Wizard Hat, Mage Chest, Mage Gloves, Wizard Pants, and Wizard Boots boosts magical abilities, offering increased mana regeneration, enhanced spell damage, or reduced spellcasting times.

Additionally, this gear might provide crucial defensive bonuses that compensate for the Wizard’s inherent vulnerability to physical attacks. The inclusion of Commander’s Rings suggests a further enhancement to either magical prowess or general survivability, such as increased mana pool, reduced spell cost, or improved resistance to certain types of damage.

  • Head: Wizard Hat
  • Upper Body: Mage Chest
  • Arms: Mage Gloves
  • Lower Body: Wizard Pants
  • Feet: Wizard Boots
  • Additionally, for accessories, it mentions:
  • Ring 1: Commander’s Ring
  • Ring 2: Commander’s Ring


  • Grilled Game: Boosts constitution.
  • Roasted Azu Rosella: Increases intelligence.
  • Healing Components: Carry blueberries, strawberries, and bandages for regeneration.

Gameplay Strategy

best enshrouded mage build
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Playing our Wizard build in Enshrouded effectively is all about strategic positioning and smart use of your magical arsenal. The key is to maintain a safe distance from enemies, capitalizing on the build’s strength in ranged combat. You should open your engagements with the staff, leveraging its powerful elemental attacks for a high-damage initial strike. Following this, swiftly switch to your wand, which serves as your primary weapon for sustained, mana-efficient damage output.

Utilize the Blink ability not just as a means of escape but also to reposition yourself strategically during combat. This skill replaces the traditional dodge roll with a short-range teleport, allowing you to quickly create or close gaps between you and your adversaries.

Note that relying mainly on your wand helps conserve mana, ensuring you have enough resources for crucial moments when using your staff’s elemental powers or casting essential spells. This approach keeps you ready for prolonged encounters or when facing multiple foes.

Additionally, always be prepared for sudden close-quarter situations, especially in confined spaces like caves or buildings. Employ the Pre-Block strategy: anticipate potential attacks while exploring, keeping your shield up as you turn corners. This readiness allows you to block incoming attacks effectively and respond with counterattacks using your wand.

That wraps up our best wizard build in Enshrouded. You should be ready to take on Embervale as a powerful spellcaster now! And if you’d prefer to reroll and try another build, check out our similar Mage guide that goes for a slightly different approach.