getting a glider in Enshrouded

Image source: Keen Games

Fly high in the sky.

Enshrouded has two things we love in video games: grappling hooks and gliders! There’s nothing quite like soaring about the open-world, and thankfully it isn’t too long into your adventure across Embervale that you can do exactly that. Here’s how to get all the gliders in Enshrouded (yep, there are multiple!). We’ve recently updated this guide for better clarity on how to get the legendary glider.

How to Get a Glider in Enshrouded

There are several types of gliders, each with unique attributes and methods of acquisition.

Your first glider can be acquired once you arrive at the cinder vault. After communing with the flame, you’ll need to gather resources like twigs, plants, and essential items from a nearby cave. This involves defeating enemies to collect spores and hunting rams for fur.

The next step is to establish a flame altar and a workbench, where the basic glider can be crafted using shrouded wood and string. The initial quest from the flame should be ignored for the time being, as you’ll need to venture northwest to collect shrouded wood from a foggy area. Once all materials are gathered, the glider can be assembled at the workbench. In sum:

  • Visit the cinder vault, commune with the flame, then gather twigs and plants outside near the shrubs.
  • Go left to the cave, collect items, defeat enemies for spores, and hunt a ram for fur.
  • Set up a flame altar and workbench in the glowing area on your map, using collected stone. Craft tools as needed.
  • At your workbench, check for materials to make 2 strings using the ‘E’ key.
  • Ignore the quest from the flame and head northwest to a foggy area with trees to collect 8 shrouded wood.
  • Use quick travel to return to base, then craft your glider at the workbench.

Getting Advanced Glider

For the more advanced glider, you’ll need to visit the Carpenter, who becomes available upon discovering Linen. This glider requires Linen from the Revelwoods, crafted using a Hand Spindle found in the Huntress’s quest line. Additional materials like string and fog sack, obtained from Spitting Plants in the fog around Revelwoods, are also necessary.

Getting the Extraordinary Glider

The Extraordinary Glider is acquired similarly to the advanced one, but it requires leather, found in the Steppes Area or crafted at a Tanning Station. The Tanning Station is another reward from the Huntress’s quest line. This glider also requires an Alchemical Base, available in the Steppes area or crafted at the Alchemist’s Alchemy Station after completing the Alchemist’s quest line and obtaining the Black Cauldron.

Getting the Ghost Glider

The spookily named Ghost Glider is unlocked through the “Among the Bluejays” quest in the Desert. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to get the legendary glider in Enshrouded:

  • Preparation:
    • Ensure access to Kindle Waste.
    • Equip a ranged weapon for activating Rune locks.
    • Master the double jump skill.
    • Unlock the Kindle Waste fast travel point for easy returns.
  • Locating the Sun Temple:
    • Head south from the Kindle Waste fast travel point to find the Sun Temple amidst the shroud mist.
  • Unlocking the Temple:
    • Activate three Rune locks outside the temple: two beside the main door (requiring ranged weapon) and one on the temple’s rear.
    • Optionally, use double jump to enter through an open window as a shortcut.
  • Inside the Temple:
    • Clear any skeletons.
    • Find and activate four Rune locks on the second floor, hidden behind bookshelves and across archways. Use your ranged weapon to hit switches through openings and around corners.
  • Acquiring the Ghost Glider:
    • Reach the top of the temple, fighting or avoiding bird monsters.
    • Use a lockpick (crafted from metal scraps found within pots in the temple) to open the locked door.
    • Scale the wall to the top platform where a gold chest contains the Ghost Glider.

So there you have it – how to get all the gliders in Enshrouded. You’ll be soaring about Embervale in no time. Just make sure you have enough stamina before leaping off a giant cliff, ok?