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It's a kind of magic.

One of the things we love about Enshrouded is just how much flexibility the action-RPG-survival-crafting game gives us. There are so many places to go, so much to see in Embervale’s vast world, and plenty of diverse character builds. While it’s always fun to hack up enemies in close combat, there’s something satisfying about dispatching foes from afar through magical warfare. If that’s your jam, you’ll need plenty of staff ammo, so here we detail how to get staff ammo in Enshrouded.

Getting More Staff Ammo in Enshrouded

Staff ammo (otherwise known as staff charges) in Enshrouded is essentially the ammunition for casting spells. Each charge represents a specific spell that can be cast using a staff. For instance, if you have ten Ice Bolt charges, you can cast the Ice Bolt spell ten times. Note that these charges are consumed upon use, meaning you’ll need to acquire more to continue casting spells.

Getting Staff Ammo

Staff charges can be crafted with the help of the Alchemist NPC. As you gather more resources, you’ll be able to unlock additional spell options. For instance, the Ice Bolt spell, which deals damage of 26, can be crafted using two units of Water and five units of Shroud Liquid.

Enshrouded’s expansive map is teeming with various materials that are essential for crafting staff charges, all of which we’ve detailed here. These include Aureolin Flower, Resin, Shroud Liquid, Water, and Bones. Other components like Dirt and Wood are relatively easy to find and can be collected at any time.

Apart from crafting, you can also find staff charges in various locations around Embervale. Certain ones like the Heal Channel can be found within chests and crates, particularly in the southwest portion of the map. In addition, Ancient Vaults offer a higher chance of finding chests containing staff charges. Fortunately, these locations become accessible early in the game, so you shouldn’t have any trouble picking up charges on your travels.

Acquiring a Staff

We probably should have kicked this off by noting that before you can start casting spells, you’ll need a staff. Early in the game, players unlock the recipe for a level-one ranged staff, which requires a single bone and two resin. As you progress, you’ll gain access to more advanced staff recipes like the Spiritual Cane, which demands more materials like Shroud Wood and Bonemeal.

Using a Staff

Casting a spell with a staff charge requires you to equip the charge to your staff. If you have multiple charges in your inventory, you can choose the one you want to use by right-clicking. Once equipped, your staff will cast the associated spell. You can also switch between different charges while casting by scrolling.

Casting spells in Enshrouded requires Mana, depicted as a blue bar in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Each staff charge requires a certain amount of Mana to be used. For instance, the Ice Bolt spell requires 26 Mana, while the Heal Channel spell only costs 7 Mana. If your spells are taking too long to cast, investing skill points into Quick Charge can reduce your staff charge-up time by 50%.

There are several ways to increase your Mana in Enshrouded. The most effective way to permanently increase your Mana is by investing in Spirit-boosting nodes on the skill tree. Additionally, certain clothing and armor items can enhance your Mana. For example, the Alchemist Apprentice Chest piece can boost your Mana by 24, while the Mage Chest can provide a whopping 48 Mana boost. Lastly, consuming Mana potions can quickly restore your Mana during battles.

Exploring Spells

Each staff charge represents a specific spell, each having unique properties and effects. An Ice Bolt spell deals ice damage, whereas a Heal Channel spell provides healing. As you progress in the game and gather more resources, you’ll be able to unlock or find more advanced spells that provide more potent effects.

The Alchemist not only helps you craft staff charges but also enables you to craft powerful staffs to wield these charges. These staffs can greatly enhance your magical prowess, allowing you to utilize your staff charges more effectively.

So, there you have it. A run-through of the magic system in Enshrouded, specifically how to acquire a staff and get staff ammo to blast your enemies with. If you’re having trouble finding resources, check out our handy guide on just that. And although the Alchemist isn’t too hard to find, if you’ve missed him, we have you covered.