enshrouded paladin build

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Knight with a touch of magic.

If you’re a fantasy RPG enthusiast keen on building a character in Enshrouded that falls into conventional classes of the genre, we’ve got you covered. While there’s not strictly a Paladin path, it’s definitely possible to build a knight that blends melee attacks and magical damage, all while donning formidable heavy armor. The following Enshrouded Paladin build excels in both. Let’s run you through it.

How to Build a Paladin in Enshrouded

As an Enshrouded Paladin, you’ll engage in a fast-paced but tanky playstyle with short-range magical abilities. Your primary combo involves standard attacks, then transitioning into a blink dodge action, followed by an evasive attack. Blocking and parrying attacks is still your go-to (as opposed to standing off and using ranged attacks like a mage), but you can deploy spells like fireballs, ice balls, lightning, meteor strikes, and area-of-effect spells for varied combat scenarios at the same time.

Your character’s core attributes should include:

  • Constitution: Paramount for a large health pool and damage absorption.
  • Intelligence: Enhances spell damage and activates regenerative skills.
  • Strength: Essential for maximizing melee damage output.

Skill Tree Strategy (114 Points)

In the early game, focus on building Constitution for survivability and unlocking the Parry skill (Merciless Attack) for counter-damage.

For the mid-game, enhance Intelligence for spell effectiveness and regeneration. Incorporate Blink for mobility and Spirit Counter Strike to reflect damage.

Later, strengthen melee capabilities with increased Strength and Constitution. Add utility skills like double jump and enhanced gliders for exploration efficiency.

The overview of skills you should be investing in are as follows:

  • Merciless Attack (Parry): Allows you to deal significant damage when you stagger an enemy.
  • Constitution Boosts: Early focus on increasing your health pool for survivability.
  • Evasion and Battle Heal: Essential for dodging attacks and healing upon critical strikes.
  • Intelligence Enhancements: Boosts spell effectiveness and regenerative abilities.
  • Blink and Emergency Blink: Enhances mobility and provides an escape mechanism from stuns.
  • Spirit Counter Strike: Reflects a portion of the damage back to the attacker.
  • Quick Charge: Reduces staff charge-up time for spells, making your magic attacks more efficient.
  • Shockwave and Breach: Enhances melee combat by increasing damage against staggered enemies and adding an area-of-effect component.
  • Well-Rested and Mining Buffs: Improves passive healing and increases mining efficiency.
  • Absorb and Blink Attack: Deals damage and offers an emergency escape option.
  • Healer, Healer 2, and Waters of Life: Enhances passive regeneration and health.
  • Veteran: Increases critical strike chance.
  • Swift Blades: Significantly improves attack speed.
  • Endurance Runner and Double Jump: Enhances mobility and exploration capabilities.
  • Wonder Lust: Further enhances travel and exploration efficiency.
  • Spirit Counter Strike: Useful for reflecting damage when hit.
  • Feast: Provides a significant health boost.
  • Heavy-Handed and Breach: Increases melee damage, particularly against staggered enemies.
  • Slasher Butcher: Enhances cutting damage, making it more effective against various enemies.

Buffs and Food

For this build, it’s always worth using a variety of food types for stat boosts, with a focus on meat, vegetables, and liquids to boost stats such as Constitution, Intelligence, and Strength. Late in the game, foods like soups offer additional offensive stat enhancements, useful for facing tougher enemies and challenging scenarios.

Best Enshrouded Paladin Build Weapons & Armor

best enshrouded mage build
Image source: Keen Games


The name of the game with this Paladin build is to choose weapons with high cutting and piercing damage since the skills we’ve selected boost cutting damage. That includes the likes of “Slasher Butcher,” which is designed to increase the effectiveness of cutting damage with swords and axes. This means that weapons with high cutting damage will benefit more from the allocated skill points, leading to significantly increased damage output.

  • Elemental Choices: Opt for Ice Blade, Light Forged Axe, or Hair Splitter for elemental damage.
  • Ranged Option: Shroud Weaver for powerful ranged attacks.

Armor and Accessories

  • Helmet: Prioritize melee crit chance and damage.
  • Chest Armor: Balance between magician’s chest for magic resistance and soldier variant for physical resistance.
  • Gloves: Choose Guard of the North gloves for overall damage scaling.
  • Pants and Boots: Eagle Eye trousers and Spellbinder boots for balanced resistance and regeneration.
  • Rings and Shield: Opt for rings that boost mana, health, or attributes and a shield with high block and parry stats.

The armor selection in the Enshrouded Paladin build is crucial for achieving a solid balance between physical and magical resistance, vital for withstanding diverse enemy attacks. The choice between armors like the magician’s chest for magic resistance and the soldier variant for physical resilience tailors the Paladin’s defenses to the varied threats encountered in the game. Additionally, specific armor pieces enhance critical attributes such as health, mana, and damage output, aligning with the build’s strategy of blending melee combat efficiency with spellcasting effectiveness.

Spells and Abilities

The spells we’ve listed here for the build offer a versatile kit that complements melee damage. Spells like fireballs, ice balls, and lightning provide a range of elemental damage options, useful for dealing with various enemy resistances and vulnerabilities.

Meteor strikes and area-of-effect light explosions enhance the build’s capability to handle groups of enemies or those at a distance, broadening the combat scope beyond melee range. Healing spells like the Healing Channel are indispensable for sustainability in combat, allowing the Paladin to recover health and maintain frontline presence.

The choice of spells like the Lightning Channel and Eternal Light Burst, which deliver high damage and utility, ensures that the Paladin can adapt to different combat situations, making the build effective against both single targets and groups, and balancing the character’s offensive and defensive needs in the game’s challenging environments.

Here’s a full list of all spells you should consider:

  • Fireballs
  • Ice Balls
  • Lightning
  • Meteors of Drought
  • Magic Poison Carpets
  • AOE Light Explosion
  • Eternal Fireball Spell – A higher radius and damage version of the regular fireball.
  • Acid Bond – Similar to the regular poison carpet but deals double the damage.
  • Eternal Ice Ball – A more powerful version of the initial ice ball spell.
  • Eternal Light Burst – Offers a short-range but effective clearing of swarming enemies.
  • Lightning Channel – Strikes the ground with electric tendrils; high damage and Mana consumption.
  • Healing Channel – Used for regenerating health during combat.

How to Play as a Paladin

You’ll want to deploy a combo of light attacks, dashes, and evade attacks. Obviously, you’ll need to adapt your strategy based on the enemy type, employing hit-and-run tactics when necessary. The key is to efficiently manage health, stamina, and mana, using your skills and consumables strategically. Spirit Counter Strike should be used against formidable foes to reflect damage and gain an upper hand.

This Enshrouded Paladin build should balance physical prowess and magical capability true to the tropes of the fantasy genre. Hopefully, you found it useful! Check out our Mage build guide for something that leans more into spells.