palworld pals not going to second floor

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc

Move, Pal!

Putting Pals to work around your Palworld base is a good way to maximize efficiency. But if you’ve built a multi-level base you’ll often find they don’t seem particularly keen on climbing up the stairs. This isn’t actually by design, as you might have guessed, but it is caused by the limitations of the game engine. Luckily there’s a workaround. Here’s how to fix pals who don’t go to the second floor of your base. We’ve updated this guide with improved clarity to help you fix the issue.

Pals Don’t Go To Second Floor Of Base Fix

As mentioned above, those who have constructed multi-level bases in Palworld often find that their Pals don’t use the stairs, even when they have separate and private sleeping spaces upstairs. This is not a bug but a limitation in the game’s current design, which isn’t surprising given Palworld is still in its early access.

Despite these limitations, we’ve found some options to fix the problem:

  • Build more than one staircase: Building more than one staircase to the second floor can encourage Pals to use them, offering multiple routes and increasing the likelihood of them navigating upstairs.
  • Remove Doors: Removing doors and keeping walls open has been reported to make Pals more comfortable moving between different sections of the base.
  • Change Roof Design: It turns out that specific architectural features such as extra pieces of roof over the stairs can deter Pals. Removing these obstructions can significantly improve their willingness to use stairs.
  • Optimize Your Base Layout: You can experiment with different architectural designs and observe Pal behavior to identify what layouts work best.

Any number of these combinations should sort your issues with Pals not going to the second floor. It’s also worth keeping in mind the following:

  • Accommodating Larger Pals: Larger Pals prefer sleeping outside. Creating a barn or similar structure can be an effective way to accommodate them.
  • Designated Areas: Design specific areas for various activities like kitchens, crafting rooms, etc., to streamline your base’s functionality.
  • Community Engagement: Stay engaged with the Palworld community for shared experiences and tips. Solutions like removing roofs over stairs were community-driven insights that proved effective.
  • Pathing Inconsistencies: Be aware of AI inconsistencies. For instance, some players noted that Pals would use stairs during raids despite the same architectural barriers that prevented their normal use.

As you can see, you’ll need to be prepared to do a little trial and error to get your Pals to cooperate. As we’ve already reminded you, Palworld is in Early Access and so these little glitches and errors are to be expected. Don’t take it out on your Pals!