Max comfort level in Enshrouded and how to increase it.

Image source: Keen Games via We Game Daily

In the comfort zone.

It’s said we should get out of our comfort zones, but in Enshrouded, you want to be firmly inside it. Comfort in Enshrouded is influenced by factors such as rest, warmth, and safety. Understanding and maximizing this comfort level can make a big difference to your exploration of Embervale. In this guide, we’ll answer what is the max comfort level in Enshrouded and provide strategies on how to increase it. We’ve recently updated the article with more information on what comfort is.

What the Max Comfort Level Is in Enshrouded

As of the latest updates, the maximum comfort level achievable in Enshrouded is 100. Achieving this level of comfort grants approximately 2 hours of sustained comfort, providing a significant advantage in the game’s survival challenges.

What Comfort Is, Explained

The Comfort Score plays a crucial role in determining the duration of the “Rested” buff, which boosts your maximum Stamina and enhances Stamina Regeneration. Achieving a Comfort Score between 3 and 4 grants you a brief period with the Rested Buff, while a score ranging from 25 to 30 can extend this benefit to 30 minutes or longer.

To activate the Rested Buff, you must be Sheltered with a roof overhead and near an active source of Warmth, such as an active fire or your Flame Altar, in addition to having at least 1 point of Comfort. Each additional point of Comfort beyond the first extends the Rested Buff’s duration.

Your Comfort Score is calculated by totaling the highest quality items within various categories, like Beds, Chairs, and Tables. Only items explicitly contributing to Comfort will increase your Comfort Score; those without a Comfort rating won’t affect it.

How to Increase Comfort

  • Resting and Warmth: Ensure your character is well-rested and warm. Utilize beds for resting, standing by fires for warmth, and staying in peaceful areas like your base to maximize comfort.
  • Crafting Beds: Everyone likes their bed, and beds play a key role in increasing comfort. Craft different types of beds, each with its own comfort level, to enhance your overall comfort rating. Consider crafting beds such as the Crude Mattress, Crude Wooden Bed, and Wooden Bed to bolster your character’s comfort.
  • Use Heat Sources: Heat sources, such as campfires and fireplaces, contribute significantly to comfort. Build and maintain these heat sources near your character to increase comfort levels. Experiment with different types of fireplaces, including Stone Fireplaces, to optimize comfort.
  • Strategic Placement: Place beds and heat sources strategically within your base or resting areas to maximize their effectiveness. Ensure that your character has easy access to these comfort-enhancing elements.
  • Avoiding Bugs and Exploits: Be mindful of any bugs or exploits that may affect comfort levels. Stay informed about updates and patches to ensure a smooth gaming experience without unintended glitches.

So, there you have it: the answer to what the max comfort level in Enshrouded is, and some approach to increasing your comfort level. Remember, with enhanced comfort comes improved stamina management and resilience when faced with the game’s challenges. And when you’re all snug, why not do some cooking or farming before you head out in search of legendary chests!?