Best legendary chest locations in Enshrouded

Image source: Keen Games via We Game Daily

Legendary loot.

Whether you’re just starting or nearing the endgame, here we’ll be breaking down the best Legendary chest locations in Enshrouded. We’ll be highlighting some early, mid, and late-game locations so you can grab the best gear in the game to use toward your next build.

Best Enshrouded Legendary Chest Locations

Here’s a breakdown of all the best chests in the game, all of which respawn so you can simply visit them, mark the locations, and then return later to harvest them again. We highly recommend using our interactive map page to help you find the locations we’re describing.

Early Game: The Forest Biome

Ancient Spire Revelwood

best legendary chest locations

Southwest of Ancient Spire Revelwood fast travel point is a cave system filled with luminous growth and wolves, leading to a golden chest with a high chance of legendary and epic items. Notable for an arsonist bow with significant power for early adventurers.

Blue Goblet Tavern

The Blue Goblet Tavern makes for a cool place to set up a base. More importantly, there’s a golden chairs on the attic level that has a high chance of containing legendaries. You’ll need to bash down a door to get to it, but not before grappling over to the other side of the attic to access the chest itself.

This chest doesn’t always have a legendary, but you can always place a flame shrine here and just keep respawning the chest until you do.

Ancient Spire Revelwood

best legendary chest locations

There’s a cave system around this location that features two golden and one silver chest, which makes for an awesome location to farm legendaries. The cave system is filled with lava. Proceed to the end, using your grappling hook. Destroy the shroud root, then look to your left and you’ll see a golden glow. Double jump up here to find a chest, then turn around and look to the other side where there’s a nearby silver chest, then yet another golden just outside of the cave (there’s an opening up here).

Mid Game: Nomad Highlands

Pillars of Creation Fast Travel

Fly southeast, and locate an area between the Vukah camp and Flame Sanctum. Jump down to the shroud cave called the Smother Pit. Jump down and there are multiple chests here.

Amber Hollow & Jasper Isles

best legendary chest locations

Northeast of the Pillars of Creation is the Amber Hollow. From there, descend down into the shroud and proceed toward a red glow. There are Blacksmith tools, but the real bounty is the golden chest beside it.

Nearby are the Jasper Isles which have six silver chests to farm!

Ancient Spire of Nomad Highlands

From the fast travel point, turn around and leave the tower facing toward the southwest (and toward the Pillars of Creation). You can glide down to a golden chest on a nearby rocky spire. This can be easily farmed since it’s so near a fast travel point.

End Game: Kindlewastes Desert

Sun Temple Farm

best legendary chest locations

From the Kindlewastes fast travel point, fly to the Ridgeback Mine area (where the red circle is marked above), then fly directly south into the shroud. Look for a campfire within the shroud where you can a legendary chest.

So, there you have it: our picks for the best legendary chest locations in Enshrouded. Remember, you should always place flame shrines strategically to farm chests more frequently. Upgrading lower-level gear can match it to the game’s maximum level, maximizing your loot’s potential. And if you want to farm resources, check out our guide on the best mid and endgame farming locations.