john wick cyberpunk 2077 2.1 build

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Following the launch of Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077 2.12 now features a reference to John Wick. It’s fitting when you consider Keanu Reeves is a protagonist in both the game and the iconic movie series. He’s a cyberpunk legend, and this connection has led many players to experiment with a Cyberpunk 2077 John Wick build, finding the most fitting build to suit the attributes and style of the famous hero. Here we’ll be going the setup we consider the best John Wick build in the game. We’ve recently updated this to include two separate build options.

Cyberpunk 2077 John Wick: Best Build in Update 2.12

We’re going to run through two builds that can branch toward both aggro and stealth John Wick styles depending on your perk choices. Before we get started, though, let’s recap the weapons that will be important no matter which option you prefer.

Do note that the locations of these weapons can be found in other We Game Daily articles. We’ll link the relevant ones where appropriate. Also, we have an interactive map page that can help you track them down too.

Best Weapons for John Wick Build

pistol in cyberpunk
Image source: CD Projekt Red

Pistols (best pistols & locations in the game)

  • Her Majesty – Great for stealth due to high accuracy and unique silencer.
  • Kongou – Ricochet technology & very fast rate of fire.
  • Malorian Arms – Johnny Silverhand’s pistol is awesome for headshots & armor penetration. This has been buffed for Update 2.1.

For pistol perks for a John Wick build, put your attention on Cool attributes. You can play about with options, but the important detail is that you pour points into Focus, Deadeye, California Reaper, High Noon, Run N’ Gun, and Longshot.

Assault Rifles

  • Carmen – For those with the Phantom Liberty DLC, this weapon rocks for Run N’ Gun.
  • Hawk – Big headshot multiplier, and they also weaken and mark enemies in a way that makes their movement slower and nullifies abilities.
  • Kyubi X-Mod 2 – Same model as the Hawk but allows for more modification and better handling.

For assault rifle perks for a John Wick build, go to Reflexes and stack the left column. Perks like Read, Rested, Reloaded; Tunnel Vision, Spice of Life, and Mind over Matter. These are general buffs for all automatic weapons. Go for Sharpshooter so you can “Shoot to Chill.” Go for Salt in the Wound as this multiplies your damage from the second shot.


  • Bloody Maria – Increases knock-down speed, and provides bonuses for dismembering enemies.
  • Guts – This is Rebecca’s shotgun from Edgerunners. We’ve got a full breakdown on why Rebecca’s shotgun rocks and how to get it.
  • Mox – Judy’s shotgun that is acquired from her quest. Increased accuracy over other shotguns.

For shotgun perks for a John Wick build, go to Body and focus on the left-hand side. Die, Die, Die is a must, as is Like a Feather, Don’t Stop Me Now, and Bullet Ballet. Arguably the most important is Spontaneous Obliteration, which has a chance to instantly explode your enemies.


  • Headhunter – By far the best knife for a John Wick Cyberpunk 2077 build, for its headshot multiplier (200% headshot damage increase for EACH WEAPON equipped!) and 20% increase bleed chance. You can find it listed in our best melee weapons in the game article.

For knife perks, access Cool and go to the right-hand side. Scorpion Sting, Parasite, Corosion are vital. Juggler is excellent for its cooldown reset for all throwable weapons after killing an enemy. Pay it Forward gives you +200% damage when you retrieve a weapon; Slight of Hand gives you 20% crit damage when Juggler is active (stack x5).

John Wick Build (Option 1)


  • Body – 20 (Painkiller, Comeback Kid, Speed Junkie, Army of One, Juggernaught, Calm Mind)
  • Reflexes – 20 (Slippery, Dash, Air Dash, Multitasker, Muscle Memory, Parkour, Power Slide)
  • Technical Ability – 18 (Driver Update, Lucky Day, License to Chrome, Ambidextrous, Cyborg, Edgerunner)
  • Cool – 18 (Quick Getaway, Gag Order, Killer Instinct, Creeping Death, and all Pistol/Throwing Knives perks mentioned before)
  • Relic – Go for bottom options like Vulnerable Analytics, Machine Learning; go for Emergency Cloaking and Sensory Protocol if your more of a stealth player. Jailbreak is also a must since our John Wick build will use Gorilla Arms.


  • Chrome Compressor – Allows you to don more cyberware
  • Kerenzikov – Bit of time slowdown when aiming since John Wick obviously doesn’t use a Sandevistan.
  • Kerenzikov Boost system – Enhances Kerenzikov, slows time further.
  • Defenzikov – Take less damage after using Kerenzikov.
  • Mechatronic Core – More damage to mechs and robots.
  • Gorilla Arms – John Wick has great hand-to-hand, so this is a must.
  • Bionic Joints
  • Epimorphic Skeleton – Bonus to max health.
  • Parabellum – Armor bonus.
  • Adrenaline Convertor – More movement speed.
  • Deep Field Visual Interference – Increases Crit Chance the further you are away from enemy.
  • Subdermal Armor
  • Chitin – Health regen +
  • Kiroshi “The Oracle” Optics – Highlights enemies through walls.
  • Shock Absorber – Less recoil.
  • Immovable Force – Less recoil and spread.
  • Heal on Kill – Regen
  • Biomonitor – Heals when health drops below 35%
  • Clutch Padding – Less stamina cost when shooting
  • Leeroy Ligament System – Bonus to movement speed

John Wick Build (Option 2)

This next John Wick build excels due to its core philosophy of blending stealth, precision, and agility to navigate combat scenarios with lethal efficiency. Centered around the use of highly effective pistols and revolvers, the build leverages silenced weapons and critical damage boosts to dispatch enemies swiftly while minimizing detection. We’ve not listed so much cyberware for this one since you can just pick out the cyberware listed above to complete the build.


  • Reflexes: 20 (for maximizing pistol and revolver skills)
  • Technical Ability: 20 (to maximize cyberware potential)
  • Cool: 6-10 (enough to unlock and benefit from key stealth and combat perks)
  • Body: 5-9 (to enhance survivability without overcommitting points)
  • Relic – Go for bottom options like Vulnerable Analytics, Machine Learning; go for Emergency Cloaking and Sensory Protocol if your more of a stealth player.


  • Sandevistan: Core to the build, enhancing time manipulation to clear enemies quickly or move undetected.
  • Kiroshi Optics: Boosts critical chance significantly when upgraded.
  • Heal-on-Kill: For sustainability in combat.
  • Leg Cyberware: Mobility options like the Reinforced Tendons for a double jump or other preferences that suit your playstyle.
  • Tyrosine Injector: Works with Dead Eye, enabling rapid elimination of multiple adversaries.
  • Gorilla Arms: Compensate for lower Body stats in physical confrontations or to pass body checks.
  • Frontal Cortex Enhancements: Such as the Axel LLE MK.4 for cooldown reductions, enhancing overall cyberware effectiveness.


  • Overture (Revolver): A primary weapon, with the Amnesty variant as the ideal choice, obtainable through specific quests.
  • Death and Taxes (Pistol): Highly effective for dealing double damage, ideal for stealth eliminations.
  • Comrade’s Hammer (Pistol): Offers powerful single-shot damage, best used in combination with other pistols.
  • Doom Doom (Pistol): Useful in specific scenarios for high burst damage at close range.

John Wick Suit Mod

Finally, for the finishing touch, no John Wick build would be complete without a cool suit. Thankfully, there’s actually an awesome mod you can download that recreates Wick’s look from the movies. It’s pictured above.

That wraps up our Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 John Wick build. Obviously, there are so many ways you can build a character in the game so definitely play about. What we’ve listed here isn’t the definitive option but just our preference that should give you a solid idea of which direction to take your build.