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Let it grow.

While early in Enshrouded you’ll rely on exploration to gather resources, later in the game farming is the best way to keep a steady supply. In this Enshrouded farming guide, we’ll run you through the best foods and plants to farm and how to do it efficiently, maximizing your output. This can help you streamline your in-game resource management, enhance your character’s stats, or just make your base look pretty. We’ve recently updated this guide for better clarity.

Enshrouded Farming Guide: Unlocking Farming

First off, farming becomes accessible once you unlock the Farmer Craftsman. Completing her quests grants you access to the seed bed. Here, you can produce seeds from various plants found in the wilderness, paving the way for a sustainable resource flow.

To get started, you’ll need seed beds crafted with wood logs, metal scraps, and farm soil. Farm soil can be enhanced to fertilized farm soil, drastically reducing growth times and increasing yield. Remember, various crops require different conditions to thrive, such as water and specific soil types. Investing in a water well and collecting resources like bone meal and nitrate will be crucial for your farming success. If you’re having trouble finding resources, we have you covered.

How to Farm Efficiently (Best Farming Technique)

The key to efficient farming in Enshrouded is prioritizing essential crops, such as plant fiber from shrubs for basic needs, and flax for linen. Later in the game, crops like chamomile, strawberries, wheat, saffron, and indigo plants become super important. Focus on upgrading to fertilized soil early on. It gives growth rates 4 times that of normal dirt.

Use of enriched and fertilized soils maximizes growth efficiency without wasting resources. The rake tool spreads a small amount of enriched soil over a larger area, expanding fertile land. Investing in water management through wells is crucial for crops requiring hydration, underpinning the necessity of a well-thought-out irrigation strategy.

Enshrouded farming guide
Image source: Keen Games

Also, regularly harvesting and replanting, alongside maintaining organized sections for different crops based on specific needs, ensures a sustainable and productive farming operation.

To summarize:

  • Invest in Multiple Seed Beds: To produce a variety of seeds simultaneously, expanding your seed bed count is beneficial.
  • Utilize Enriched and Fertilized Soils: These soils speed up growth times and increase yields. You can spread a small amount of enriched soil over a larger area using the rake tool for efficient use.
  • Plan Your Farm Layout: Organizing your farm into sections for different crops can streamline your farming process, making it easier to manage and harvest.
  • Water Wells: Ensure you have ample water supply by building water wells. They are essential for crops that require watering.
  • Replant After Harvesting: Especially on dedicated servers, replenishing what you take maintains a healthy ecosystem for all players.

Essential Plants to Farm

Farming in Enshrouded is useful for keeping a regular supply of many different resources, but not all of them are vital. In this next part of the Enshrouded farming guide, we suggest what you should be putting your focus on:

  • Shrubs (for Plant Fiber): Early on, plant fiber is vital for crafting basic necessities, including arrow twigs for archers. Starting your farm with shrubs ensures an infinite supply of this crucial resource.
  • Flax: As you progress, flax becomes a cornerstone for crafting linen, a material indispensable for higher-tiered gear and other essential items. Prioritize flax to keep your linen supply flowing.
  • Chamomile and Strawberries: For health and stamina regeneration, chamomile and strawberries are invaluable. They’re used in teas and foods that provide significant buffs.
  • Wheat: Entering the late game, wheat is crucial for creating flour, a key ingredient in many top-tier foods like the Constitution Meat Wrap and Open Sandwich, offering substantial buffs.
  • Saffron and Indigo Plants: These are essential for crafting colored fabrics necessary for high-end armor sets. Plus, saffron is used in spiced tea, a consumable that grants buffs beneficial for late-game exploration and combat.

Best Consumables to Craft From Farming

Here’s what you’ll be able to craft by keeping that steady supply of essential resources:

  • Twigs for Arrows: Using plant fibers from shrubs, players can craft twigs, a fundamental material for arrow production. This is especially useful for archer builds.
  • Linen: Processed from flax seeds in a spinning wheel or hand spindle, linen is a versatile material used in a myriad of crafting recipes.
  • Fabric: Using linen, players can create fabric on a loom, essential for crafting high-tier armor and clothing.
  • Camomile Tea: Brewing chamomile with water provides a consumable that regenerates health and stamina, making it invaluable for exploration and combat.
  • Fruit Bowl: Combining strawberries with other fruits like purple berries and yucca fruits, players can craft a health-regenerating meal.
  • Strawberry Jam: A possible recipe that could use strawberries to create a food item or potion providing buffs or health regeneration.
  • Flour: Ground from wheat, flour is a key ingredient in many food recipes, essential for crafting high-tier consumables.
  • Constitution Meat Wrap: Requires flour among other ingredients, providing significant buffs to the player’s constitution.
  • Open Sandwich: Utilizes flour to make flatbread, which is then used in this recipe for a dexterity buff.
  • Spiced Tea: Using saffron, players can brew a consumable that may offer buffs or special effects, enhancing various player abilities or providing resistances.
  • Colored Fabrics: Saffron can be used to dye fabrics, necessary for crafting specific armor sets or clothing items with aesthetic or functional benefits.
  • Dyed Fabrics: Similar to saffron, indigo plants can be used to produce blue dye, which is essential for crafting specific high-end gear or decorative items.

Known Farming Bugs

Given that Enshrouded is in Early Access, it’s no surprise there are a number of bugs, glitches, and errors throughout the game. Farming is no exception, and you’ll almost certainly encounter some weirdness along the way. Here’s what we’ve found so far:

Farm Bed Disappearance

There are instances where farm beds disappear from their recipe list, making it impossible to construct new ones without restarting the game or finding alternative solutions. This bug significantly affects the ability to expand farming operations or replace lost farm beds, limiting the player’s capacity to grow essential crops.

Growth Rate Inconsistencies

Certain crops, like saffron, seem to grow faster in normal dirt compared to enriched or fertilized farm soil, contrary to the expected behavior where enriched soils should offer faster growth rates.

Watch out for this confusing inconsistency, because you might not benefit as expected from investing in higher-quality soils.

Unfarmable Plants Due to Menu Bugs

Some plants, such as desert flowers, don’t appear farmable or are missing from the planting menu, possibly due to bugs or incomplete game features. This limits the diversity of crops that players can farm and utilize for crafting, cooking, or other in-game activities.

Rake Bug

A bug affecting the rake tool, an essential item for spreading soil efficiently over a planting area. The bug may cause the rake not to function as intended, affecting soil distribution. This issue complicates the process of preparing land for planting, potentially leading to wasted resources and time as players struggle to create optimal growing conditions for their crops. We’ve detailed this bug here.

Update: The Rake bug issue has been solved in a new update.

Fertilized Soil Distribution Bug

There’s an inefficiency in how fertilized soil is spread. We’ve noticed that placing individual blocks of enriched soil consumes more resources than necessary. This bug affects the economy of resource management, making it more costly to prepare land for high-yield crops, which could delay or impede progress in farming endeavors.

Although these bugs are irritating, developer Keen Games are working hard on fixes. In the meantime, temporary workarounds are available. Try restarting the game, experimenting with different soil types, or utilizing forums and community resources to share fixes. These bugs should be ironed out as the game evolves.

So, there you have it: a comprehensive Enshrouded farming guide. Farming in Enshrouded is a rewarding endeavor that not only supports your in-game progress but also adds a layer of strategic planning to your gameplay. Invest time and effort in your planting and follow our tips and you’ll be growing in no time. By focusing on essential plants and utilizing resources wisely, you can build a thriving farm.