all dorm hangout rewards in persona 3 reload

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Just chillin'.

In Persona 3 Reload, the dorm hangouts offer players an opportunity to bond with their team members and earn some valuable buffs for combat. This unlocks after you’ve assembled the majority of your SEES team. Here we’ll be breaking down all dorm hangout rewards in the game.

Dorm Hangout Rewards in Persona 3 Reload

Dorm hangouts become available when you notice a character displaying a smiley face icon above their head at night, signaling they’re ready for an activity. However, Koromaru, the team’s loyal canine, is an exception; suitably, his enthusiasm for walks is indicated by a dog icon instead.

There are four main activities you can partake in when it comes to dorm hangouts:

  • Cooking at the bar near the kitchen
  • Gardening next to the stairs
  • Reading on the second floor near the bookshelf
  • Watching TV/Movies next to the TV

Each character has a preference for two out of these four activities, influencing the type of short-term rewards you can earn.

Short-Term Rewards:

  • Movies/Reading: Boosts a social stat
  • Gardening: Increases crop yield
  • Cooking: Provides a food item that typically restores HP or SP

All Dorm Hangout Rewards

The short-term rewards aren’t the real boon of dorm hangouts, though. The better ones are unlocked after participating in the same activity with a party member three times. Doing so unlocks a new personality trait for that member, offering special passive boosts in combat. These traits earn you handy buffs that are useful in combat encounters, such as when taking on shadows in the tower. Here’s the full overview:

  • Koromaru: Auto Sukunda – Lowers accuracy/evasion of one foe for three turns at the start of battle.
  • Yukari: Healing Master – Reduces the SP cost of healing skills.
  • Mitsuru: Aliment Burst – Increases critical rate on foes with ailments.
  • Fuuka: Weakness Buffer – Reduces damage taken when an ally’s weakness is struck.
  • Shinjiro: Auto Bolster – Gains an attack and defense boost at the start of battle.
  • Akihiko: Buff Boost – Increases the effects of buffs on himself.
  • Junpei: Critical Boost – Increases critical rate and critical hit strength.
  • Ken: Spirit Refresh – Automatically recovers 5 SP each turn in battle.
  • Aigis: Phys Boost – Strengthens physical skills.

Given that Fuuka’s navigator ability is always active, obtaining her personality trait early on can provide a significant advantage. Try to participate in activities with each party member to unlock all the personality traits, enhancing your team’s overall combat effectiveness.

So there you have it. by engaging in Dorm hangouts in Persona 3 Reload, not only do you strengthen your bonds with SEES members, but you also gain unique advantages that can significantly impact your success in the game’s challenges.