How to get and breed Shadowbeak in Palworld

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc. via We Game Daily

Wings of darkness.

In Palworld, not all Pals are created equal. We’ve already covered how to get one of the best — Anubis — but there’s another creature you should get on your team: Shadowbeak. Here, we detail how to get and breed Shadowbeak in Palworld to so that you can soar through the skies on this shadowy mount.

How to Get Shadowbeak in Palworld

Shadowbeak is a legendary creature known for its Dark elemental powers and exceptional combat abilities. It’s also a fantastic flying mount, allowing you to glide around the world on your shadowy bird of death.

Shadowbeak sports a unique Dark elemental type and is recognized under Paldeck Number #107. It’s suitable for Gathering Level 1 tasks and has a useful Partner Skill: “Modified DNA”. This special ability considerably enhances the Dark damage inflicted by players when they’re mounted on Shadowbeak. Additionally, Shadowbeak possesses an exclusive ability, the “Divine Disaster” skill, which when combined with its passive abilities, “Swift”, “Legend”, and “Lord of the Underworld”, provides players with substantial combat advantages.

Upon defeating Shadowbeak, players can acquire valuable crafting materials such as Carbon Fiber, Pal Metal Ingots, and Innovative Technical Manuals.

Finding Shadowbeak

Shadowbeak resides in the dangerous No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, an endgame area teeming with high-level Pals. To access this area, use the Deep Sand Dunes teleport point and then travel via a flying mount like Nitewing or a swimming pal such as Surfent. Shadowbeak is vulnerable to Dragon types, so take along Pals like Relaxaurus and Orserk for your battle.

Another guaranteed location for encountering Shadowbeak is the final Tower Boss Victor and his Alpha Shadowbeak, situated at the Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Facility. Beating Victor’s Shadowbeak is seriously tough, though, so we’d recommend finding it in No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary if possible.

Catching Shadowbeak

Once you’ve located Shadowbeak in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll need to engage it in battle to capture it. It’s a dangerous foe, so here are some tips for capturing it:

  1. Equip Yourself: Be armed with powerful weapons such as an Assault Rifle to survive against the high-tier Pals and enemies in the Sanctuary.
  2. Stock Up: Carry sufficient Ultra and Legendary Spheres for capturing Shadowbeak.
  3. Choose Your Pal Wisely: Dragon-type pals, such as Dinossum and Elphidran, can effectively counter Shadowbeak. Ensure these pals are leveled up before you venture into the Sanctuary.

How to Breed Shadowbeak in Palworld

Breeding Combinations and Tips

Catching Shadowbeak in Palworld isn’t easy, but breeding presents a viable alternative. Shadowbeak can be obtained by breeding the exotic Astegon and Kitsun Pals. Once acquired, mating a male and female Shadowbeak can produce more Shadowbeak offspring.

Here are some handy breeding combinations:

Parent 1

Parent 2








Additionally, players can create powerful Shadowbeak offspring through the following breeding combinations:

Parent 1

Parent 2











An Alternative Breeding Approach

If you’re mid-level in the game and haven’t unlocked high-tier weapons, there are other ways of breeding Shadowbeak.

First, breed Kitsun using a Rooby and Penking, followed by Astegon using Cryolinx and Helzephyr. This can enable you to breed Shadowbeak early in the game. Just note that Shadowbeak obtained through breeding will be low-level and will need some leveling up if you plan to include it in your Pal Team.

So, there you have it: a guide on how to get and breed Shadowbeak in Palworld. You can either catch this powerful Dark elemental Pal in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary or the Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Facility. It’s tough, though so go prepared with Dragon type Pals and plenty of Legendary Spheres. Alternatively, you can always breed yourself your very own Shadowbeak. Either way, it’s one of the most powerful mounts in the game, if not the fastest.