strip mall shops and what they sell

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Shop till you drop.

Just as it is in many Persona games, the mall is a big hangout zone in Persona 3 Reload where players can engage in a bunch of different activities. Think of it as a hub to not only purchase various items and food but somewhere to enhance social links after school too. Here we’ll be breaking down all Iwatodai strip mall shops in Persona 3 Reload and what they sell.

Iwatodai Strip Mall Floors & Shops

As mentioned above, the Iwatodai Strip Mall is a bustling area in the game that hosts numerous shops and activities. It’s a place where players can buy items, increase their social stats, and interact with various non-playable characters (NPCs). The strip mall has three different levels, each with its plethora of shops and eateries.

First Floor

The first floor hosts three popular spots:

  1. Octopia: Known for its Weird Takoyaki.
  2. Wilduck Burger: Famous for its Mysterious Burger.
  3. Bookworms: A bookstore run by an elderly couple.

Second Floor

The second floor has three distinct eateries:

  1. Wakatsu Kitchen: Offers the Prodigy Platter and Seafood Full Course.
  2. Hagakure Ramen: Famed for its skin-improving ramen.
  3. Azuki Arai Sweets: A sweets shop that is inaccessible to players.

Third Floor

The third floor has a vending machine and two notable spots:

  1. Manga Star Net Cafe: Sells different programs for the dorm’s shared computer.
  2. Umiushi Beef Bowls: Famous for its Umiushi Beef Bowl and Summer-Hot Bowl.

All Shops At Iwatodai Strip Mall & What They Sell

Let’s delve into what each Iwatodai strip mall shop has to offer in Persona 3 Reload:


At Octopia, players can purchase Weird Takoyaki for 400 Yen. This shop is a popular hangout spot for some social links.

Wilduck Burger

Wilduck Burger offers the Mysterious Burger for 1,000 Yen. Consuming this burger improves your character’s Courage stat.


Bookworms is a bookstore managed by an elderly couple, Bunkichi and Mitsuko. They represent the Hierophant arcana, and visiting them strengthens the social link.

Wakatsu Kitchen

Wakatsu Kitchen offers the Prodigy Platter for 680 Yen, which helps raise your Academics. They also offer a Seafood Full Course on certain nights which also boosts your Academics.

Hagakure Ramen

Eating ramen at Hagakure Ramen improves the quality of your character’s skin, which translates into a boost in your Charm stat.

Umiushi Beef Bowls

At Umiushi Beef Bowls, you can buy the Umiushi Beef Bowl for 300 Yen and the Summer-Hot Bowl for 1,500 Yen. The former restores 20 HP to an ally, while the latter increases the stats of one ally for three turns.

Manga Star Net Cafe

The Net Cafe offers different software programs that can be used on the dorm’s shared computer. These programs include Lessons in Etiquette, Virtual Diet, Language Made Easy, and more.

Social Links At Iwatodai Strip Mall

At the Iwatodai Strip Mall, players can interact with various Social Links.

Hierophant Social Link

The Hierophant Social Link, represented by the elderly couple Bunkichi and Mitsuko from Bookworms, can be interacted with to strengthen the social link.

Star Social Link

The Star Social Link, represented by Mamoru, can be interacted with as soon as you meet him in the sports meet and have a Courage Rank of Tough.

Social Stat Activities At Iwatodai Strip Mall

Apart from shopping and interacting with Social Links, players can also engage in various activities to boost their social stats.

Wild Duck Burger

Players can eat the Mystery Burger or take the Wild Duck Challenge at Wild Duck Burger to increase their Courage stat.

Hagakure Ramen

Eating the Tuna Dish at Hagakure Ramen increases your Charm stat.

Wakatsu Kitchen

Eating the Prodigy Platter or the Seafood Special Course at Wakatsu Kitchen boosts your Academics stat.

So there you have it. By understanding each Iwatodai strip mall shop’s offerings and the social links available, you can shape the progression of characters and advance the story further.