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Valuable undertaking.

Persona 3 Reload takes you on an adventure that is part school, part Tatarus Tower. When you’re navigating the latter you’ll encounter the mysterious Elizabeth, who challenges you with a series of rather unique requests. These offer valuable rewards worth the undertaking, and they’re integral to romancing her too! Here we’ll be listing all Elizabeth requests in Persona 3 Reload and how to complete them.

All Elizabeth Requests in Persona 3 Reload

Elizabeth requests are optional side quests that players can undertake to earn various rewards, including skill cards, costumes, armor, yen, and even the ability to fuse new Personas. These requests become available after defeating the first Full Moon Shadow, the Priestess. To access the requests, speak to Elizabeth outside the Velvet Room.

Accept as many requests as you want, though keep in mind some requests have time limits. It’s essential to pay attention to the deadlines before accepting a request. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the Elizabeth requests in Persona 3 Reload, along with tips on how to complete them:

May Elizabeth Requests

  • Bring me a muscle drink: Available from May 10. To complete, visit Aohige Pharmacy and buy for 1,000 yen. Reward: Five Soul Drops.
  • Retrieve the first old document: Available from May 10. Locate this on the 22nd floor of Tartarus. Reward: 10,000 yen.
  • Shadow hunting milestone: Starts May 10. Achieve by defeating 100 Shadows. Reward: Three Cure Waters.
  • Treasure hunting milestone: Starts May 10. Accomplish by opening 50 treasure chests. Reward: Two Snuff Souls.
  • Create a Persona that’s level 13 or above: From May 10. Completion criteria not specified. Reward: Three Bufula Gems.
  • Create a Persona with Kouha: From May 10. Achieved by fusing Valkyrie with Archangel. Reward: Fierce Sutra.
  • Bring me a Juzumaru sword: After completing the second request. Locate within treasure chests in Arqa or Thebel, requiring three Twilight Fragments. Reward: Makouha Skill Card.
  • Experiment with fortunetelling: From May 10. Seek advice on rare Shadows in Tartarus at Club Escapade. Reward: Three Speed Incense.
  • I’d like to try all kinds of drinks: From May 10. Purchase 12 different drinks from vending machines at Iwatodai Station, Port Island Station, and Iwatodai Strip Mall. Reward: Media Skill Card.
  • I’d like to try a beef bowl: After completing the first request. Read Umiushi Fan Book, then buy a bowl at Umiushi in Iwatodai Strip Mall for 300 yen. Reward: Male Uniforms.
  • Please prevail in the Big Eater Challenge: After the ninth request. Win the challenge at Wilduck Burger by choosing specific strategies. Reward: Three Twilight Fragments.
  • Bring me Pine Resin: From May 10 until June 6. Acquire by speaking with Yukari in the evening. Reward: Toy Bow.
  • Bring me a handheld game console: From May 10 until June 6. Obtain by talking to Junpei in the evening. Reward: Pixel Vest.
  • Retrieve the second old document: From May 10. Found on Tartarus floor 43. Reward: 20,000 yen.
  • Shadow hunting milestone two: After the third request. Defeat 200 Shadows. Reward: Three Umugii Waters.
  • Treasure hunting milestone two: After the fourth request. Open 100 treasure chests. Reward: Two Chewing Souls.
  • Fusion Series one: Emperor Oberon: From May 10. Achieve by fusing specified Personas and leveling up. Reward: Female Uniforms.

June Requests

  • I’d like to be gifted a bouquet of flowers: From June 13. Buy a Rose Bouquet for 2,000 yen at Rafflesia in Port Island Station. Reward: Female Winter Garb.
  • I want Jack Frost dolls: After the eighteenth request. Obtain three dolls from the Crane Game in Paulownia Mall on Saturdays. Reward: Three Twilight Fragments.
  • Bring me some potent medicine: From June 13. Acquire from the nurses’ office. Reward: Steel Pipe.
  • Retrieve the third old document: From June 13. Located on Tartarus floor 69. Reward: 30,000 yen.
  • Shadow hunting milestone three: From June 13. Defeat 300 Shadows. Reward: Three Beads.
  • Persona Fusion milestone: From June 13. Fuse Personas a total of 20 times. Reward: Five Twilight Fragments.
  • Create a Persona that’s level 23 or above: From June 13. Completion criteria not specified. Reward: Sugar Key.
  • Fusion Series two: Chariot Mithras: From June 13. Create Mithras through specific fusion and leveling. Reward: Male Winter Garb.
  • Bring me an Onimaru Kunitsuna: From June 13. Find in a locked chest on floor 54 in Arqa. Reward: Crit Rate Boost Skill Card.
  • Bring me a triangular sword: From June 13 until July 5. Obtain by speaking with Mitsuru at night. Reward: Gallant Sneakers.
  • Bring me a protein not for pros: From June 13 until July 5. Acquire by talking to Akihiko at night. Reward: Spiked Bat.
  • I want to look fashionable: From June 13 until July 5. Exchange Black Quartz for Designer Glasses at Club Escapade. Reward: Five Power Incense I.

July Elizabeth Requests

  • Retrieve the fourth old document: Available from July 9. Find this document on the 92nd floor of Tartarus. Reward: 40,000 yen.
  • Shadow hunting milestone four: Activate after the 22nd request. Overcome 450 Shadows to achieve this milestone. Reward: Two Kamimusubi Water.
  • Treasure hunting milestone three: After completing the 16th request. Unlock 150 treasure chests throughout your journey. Reward: Six Snuff Souls.
  • Persona Fusion milestone two: Following the 23rd request. Successfully fuse Personas 35 times to meet this milestone. Reward: Five Twilight Fragments.
  • Create a Persona with Torrent Shot: Starting July 9. Requires fusing a Mokoi with Lamia to create a Matador, which learns Torrent Shot at level 22. Reward: Three Attack Mirrors.
  • Fusion Series three: Hermit Mothman: Initiate on July 9. Requires obtaining a Vibrant Feather from the level 82 boss in Tartarus, followed by fusion. Reward: Maid Outfit.
  • Defeat a rare Shadow one: From July 9. Target and defeat the specified rare Shadow in Yabbashah. Reward: Seven Onyx.
  • Traverse the Monad Passage: Starting July 9. Challenge and defeat the bosses within Monad Passage after reaching the 80th floor. Reward: Black Sword.
  • I want to eat some chilled taiyaki: From July 9. Buy Lukewarm Taiyaki and cool it overnight. Reward: Nihil Cloth.
  • Let me hear music unique to Gekkoukan: Begins July 9. Acquire the Gekkoukan Boogie from the PA Room. Reward: Female Uniforms.
  • I’d like to see a pair of Max Safety Shoes: Starting July 9. Purchase from Tanaka Commodities on July 12. Reward: Three Twilight Fragments.
  • Bring me the mysterious person’s autograph: From July 9. Reach Hermit Social Link level four for the encounter. Reward: Nihil Blade.
  • Please feed the cat: Initiated on July 9. Gather four Super Cat Food and feed the cat on separate days. Reward: Male Summer Garb.
  • Bring me a Christmas star: Begins July 9 and ends on August 4. Talk to Fuuka at night for acquisition. Reward: Jack’s Globes.
  • I wish to feel the ocean: From July 9. Collect any of the listed items from Yakushima Beach. Reward: Five Amethysts.

August Requests

  • Retrieve the fifth old document: Starts on August 8. Located on the 118th floor of Tartarus. Reward: 50,000 yen.
  • Shadow hunting milestone five: After the 31st request. Tasked with defeating 600 Shadows. Reward: Two Bead Chains.
  • Treasure hunting milestone four: Following the 20th request. Open 200 treasure chests. Reward: Two Precious Eggs.
  • Persona Fusion milestone three: From August 8. Fuse Personas a total of 50 times. Reward: Five Twilight Fragments.
  • Create a Persona that’s level 38 or above: From August 8. Criteria for completion not specified. Reward: Marionette.
  • Perform King & I: Starting August 8. Create Black Frost by specific fusion. Reward: Three Guard Incense II.
  • Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo: From August 8. Locate within Yabbashah. Reward: Multi-Target Boost Skill Card.
  • I’d like to try a home-cooked meal: From August 8. Engage in a cooking activity in the dorm’s kitchen. Reward: Legendary Cleaver.
  • I’d like to see a mysterious potato: From August 8. Cultivate a Tarakaja Potato on the dorm rooftop. Reward: Ergotite Shard.
  • Attempt a hundred shrine visits: Beginning August 8. Visit the Monetary Offering Shrine three times. Reward: Lime Swimwear.
  • I’d like to see proof of a bond: Starting August 8. Reach the max level on any Social Link. Reward: Space Badge.
  • Look for a drink with my name: From August 8. Visit Que Sera Sera bar for the special bottle. Reward: AS Generic Material.
  • I’d like to try Aojiru: From August 8. Exchange at the Pharmacy with specific items. Reward: Eight Twilight Fragments.
  • I wish to become a straw millionaire: Between August 8 and August 31. Engage in a series of trades culminating in acquiring a Cat Ear Headband. Reward: 20 Turquoise.

September Elizabeth Requests

  • Retrieve the sixth old document: Available from September 10. Discover on the 144th floor of Tartarus. Reward: 70,000 yen.
  • Shadow hunting milestone six: Activates after completing request #46. Achieve by eliminating 800 Shadows. Reward: Soma.
  • Create a Persona that’s level 46 or above: Starts on September 10. Specific creation criteria not detailed. Reward: Two Atrophying Sutra.
  • Fusion Series four: Lovers Titania: From September 10. Form Titania by fusing Black Frost with Throne. Reward: Male Uniform.
  • Fusion Series five: Magician Rangda: Begins on September 10. Achieve Rangda by fusing Titania with Sarasvati, ensuring a strong Magician Social Link or leveling up Rangda to 54. Reward: Female Summer Garb.
  • Defeat a rare Shadow two: Initiated on September 10. Locate and defeat the specified rare Shadow in Tziah. Reward: Topaz.
  • Bring me an Ote-gine: From September 10. Obtainable from the boss floor in Tziah. Reward: Quality Nihil Ore.
  • Bring me a giant, creepy doll: Starting September 10. Acquire the Anatomical Model from Gekkoukan High’s Science Lab. Reward: Quality Nihil Blade.
  • Find me a beautiful tile: Available from September 10, use the tile for request #92. Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors in Mahjong Parlor Red Hawk. Reward: Scrub Brush.
  • Bring me a fruit knife: From September 10 until October 2. Engage in a conversation with Aragaki at night. Reward: Bus Stop Sign.
  • Bring me oil: Between September 10 and October 2. Discuss with Aigis during the evening. Reward: Rocket Punch.

October Requests

  • Retrieve the seventh old document: Available from October 6. Located on the 172nd floor of Tartarus. Reward: 90,000 yen.
  • Fusion Series six: Strength Siegfried: From October 6. Create Siegfried and apply the Endure Skill Card. Reward: Sky Sundress.
  • Fusion Series seven: Hierophant Daisoujou: Starting October 6. Utilize a Regenerate III Skill Card and fuse Daisoujou with Hariti and Suzaku. Reward: Blue Shorts.
  • Bring me a Mikazuka Munechika: From October 6. Purchase at Mayoido Antiques with specific items. Reward: Endure Skill Card.
  • I’d like to try sushi: Starting October 6. Requires maximum level Academics to acquire Inari Sushi from the Inari Shrine. Reward: Ergotite Chunk.
  • Bring me a Sengoku-era Helm: From October 6. Visit the Faculty Office seven times for Kanetsugu’s Helm. Reward: Seven Twilight Fragments.
  • Bring me a glasses wipe: Available from October 6 until November 1. Speak with Ikutsuki at the dorms. Reward: Three Garnet.
  • I’d like to walk around Paulownia Mall: From October 6. Show Elizabeth around the mall. Reward: Small Cheongsam.
  • I’d like to visit Iwatodai Station: Initiated on October 6. Guide Elizabeth through the station. Reward: Book of the Ancients.
  • I’d like to visit Naganaki Shrine: After completing 50 requests. Accompany Elizabeth to the shrine. Reward: Vitality Sash.
  • I’d like to visit Gekkoukan High: Following 70 requests. Take Elizabeth to see the school. Reward: Sorcerer’s Mask.

November Elizabeth Requests

  • I’d like to visit your room: Upon completing 80 requests. Invite Elizabeth to your dorm room. Reward: Tyrant’s Horn.
  • Retrieve the last old document: From November 6. Found on the 198th floor of Tartarus. Reward: 120,000 yen.
  • Create a Persona with Tempest Slash: Starting November 6. Specific creation details not provided. Reward: 150,000 yen.
  • Fusion Series eight: Death Alice: From November 6. After reaching level 68, fuse Lilim, Pixie, Narcissus, and Titania for Alice. Reward: Maid Outfit.
  • Fusion Series nine: Fool Loki: Initiated on November 6. Achieve maximum level on Fool Social Link and fuse Succubus with Seth for Loki. Reward: Masakados.
  • Defeat a Greed Shadow: From November 6. Eliminate the Greed Shadow in Harabah for the Gold Medal. Reward: Life Aid Skill Card.
  • Bring me a Rai Kunimitsu: Starting November 6. Located in locked chests within Harabah. Reward: Prime Nihil ore.
  • Go clean a restroom: From November 6. Task involves cleaning duties in Port Island Station. Reward: Maid Outfit.
  • Go water the flowers: After request #75. Tend to the flowers atop Gekkoukan High. Reward: Maid Outfit.
  • Bring me food for a furry friend: Until November 30, starting November 6. Converse with Koromaru at night. Reward: Three Bones.
  • Bring me a Featherman R action figure: After completing request #90, until November 30. Talk to Amada during the night. Reward: Sacrificial Doll.
  • I’d like to try Oden Juice: From November 6. Interact with the Friendly Student in Gekkoukan High and complete specific trades. Reward: Winter Uniform.
  • Bring me my Christmas present: Between November 6 and December 25. Secure a Thank You Note, then exchange with the Eccentric Man for a Santa Hat. Present it to Elizabeth. Reward: Three Ruby.

December Elizabeth Requests

  • Retrieve the progress report: From December 4. Located on the 226th floor of Tartarus. Reward: 150,000 yen.
  • Create a Persona with Auto-Maraku: Initiated on December 4. Complete the Yukari Social Link and fuse for Cybele. Reward: Debilitator Sutra.

January Requests

  • Bring me a Tonbo-kiri: Available from January 1. Purchase at Mayoido Antiques with specified items. Reward: Two Nihil Black Model.
  • Bring me Bloody Button: From January 1. Defeat the Reaper to obtain. Reward: Divine Pillar.

So there you have it. All of Elizabeth’s requests in Persona 3 Reload and a brief overview of how to complete them. Keep in mind that some requests have deadlines, so prioritize completing them before time runs out. Not to mention, many requests require finding specific items or defeating a certain number of Shadows in Tartarus. Take the time to explore each floor thoroughly.