Johnny Silverhand in Phantom Liberty

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If you ain't cheatin', you ain't trying hard enough!

Playing a game on PC means you’ll have access to mods and ways to customize your experience. Console codes and cheats for Cyberpunk 2077 2.11 and its Phantom Liberty mean you can quickly earn money or easily obtain cool weapons. There’s a cheat code to suit more or less everything you want to do. All of these codes working as of the game’s 2.11 update.

Cyberpunk 2077 2.11 Update: Console Codes and Cheats Listed

Begin by downloading a mod, such as Cyber Engine Tweaks, and carefully follow the provided instructions via the provided link.

When you decide to install CyberEngineTweaks, you’ll need to locate and access the directory where your Cyberpunk 2077 game files are stored. The default location for GOG users is GOG Games/Cyberpunk 2077, whereas Steam users will find it at Steam Library/SteamApps/common/Cyberpunk 2077.

Subsequently, activate the console panel by pressing the ~ key (hold the Shift key and press `, located adjacent to the 1 key). Once the panel is open, you can input any of the codes from our list.

Cheat Codes For Stats, Money, and More

The following console commands for Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 are designed to assist you in navigating the hazards of Night City:

CodeWhat it Does
Game.AddToInventory(“”, X)Get money.
Game.SetLevel(“Level”, X)Set character level.
Game.GiveDevPoints(“Primary”, X)Set Perk points.
Game.GiveDevPoints(“Attribute”, X)Set Attribute points.


Enable infinite stamina. False code turns it off.
Game.ModStatPlayer(“Health”, “99999”)Set maximum health.
Game.ModStatPlayer(“CarryCapacity”, “999”)Set maximum carry capacity.

Getting Every Vehicle

Night City offers a plethora of vehicle choices (we’ve broken down the best ones if you’re interested), and accessing them through console codes and cheats in Cyberpunk 2077 differs from standard commands. To streamline the process, instead of listing every single one, we’ll give you an example and all you need to do is change up the vehicle name to the one you’d like. Alternatively, you can activate the global function, so you can either unlock all vehicles or select a specific one. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Global function: vs = Game.GetVehicleSystem()
  • Unlock every vehicle: vs:EnableAllPlayerVehicles()
  • Unlock specific vehicle: vs:EnablePlayerVehicle(“[vehicle string]”, true, false)
  • Example of unlocking a specific vehicle: vs:EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.v_sportbike1_yaiba_kusanagi_player”, true, false)

Getting Every Weapon

With cheats, the best weapons in the game can be summoned quickly. Getting weapons using console codes in Cyberpunk 2077 is straightforward. As above, we’ll list one example instead of all of them, so just change the name to whatever you’re looking for.

Weapons and other cheats moving forward will use the Game.AddToInventory command. You will enter the item you want and the quantity. For example:

  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Preset_Baton_cottonmouth”,1) for the Cottonmouth one-handed club.

Getting All Cyberware

Bypass getting the money for the most advanced Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 2.11 with console codes and cheats.

As there is too much to list, we have the basics on inputting the code for you to know how to apply it to the Cyberware enhancement you want. For example:

Game.AddToInventory(“Items.monowire”,1) for the Monowire Cyberware.

Recipes and Crafting Materials

The Game.AddToInventory command does more than just put items into your inventory or give you Cyberware enhancements. You can get everything you need for recipes and crafting. Like the previous entries, type in the item string and the quantity you want. As you will not need 1,000 of the same pistol, this is one you will want to hoard when typing in the code. This is how typing it in will look, and as an example, we used 1,000: Game.AddToInventory(“Items.LegendaryMaterial1”,1000)

The same would go for quickhacks. For Example:

  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.QuickHackLegendaryMaterial1”,1000) for 1,000 legendary quickhack materials.

All Clothing and Apparel

Cyberpunk 2077 already had thousands of clothing options before the 2.0 update, so console codes and cheats will make styling your V up easier. We will be here all day to list every piece of clothing and set you can obtain.

Instead of materials or weapons, try:

  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Corporate_01_Set_FormalShoes”,1) for the Ergonomic Reinforced Corpo Pumps. Go down the line of items to set the full set of an outfit.

Some items will have variations. You will put in a number of what you will need to see the differences between each one. For example:

  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.AnimalsJewellery1”,1) and swap the first number to see the second or third variation.

All Item IDs in Cyberpunk 2077 2.11

Here’s an exhaustive list of all the item IDs in the game. To incorporate these items, simply employ the console command, Game.AddToInventory(“Items.x”,1), and substitute the ‘x’ with the corresponding Item ID listed below.

All Item IDs provided below are in their Tier 5++ variants. If you wish to upgrade the base version manually, you can do so by omitting the “PlusPlus” from the Item ID when entering them through console commands.

  • IconicAdvancedSubdermalCoProcessorLegendaryPlusPlus: Axolotl
  • IconicBioConductorsLegendaryPlusPlus: COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer
  • AdvancedTimeBankLegendaryPlusPlus: Quantum Tuner
  • IconicCamilloRamManagerLegendaryPlusPlus: RAM Reallocator

Operating System Cyberwares:

  • IconicCyberwareCapacityBoosterLegendaryPlusPlus: Chrome Compressor
  • HauntedCyberdeck_LegendaryPlusPlus: Militech Canto
  • AdvancedBerserkC4MK5PlusPlus: Militech Berserk
  • AdvancedSandevistanApogeePlusPlus: Militech “Apogee” Sandevistan


  • AdvancedStrongArmsLegendaryPlusPlus: Gorilla Arms
  • AdvancedMaxTacMantisBladesLegendaryPlusPlus: MaxTac Mantis Blades
  • AdvancedNanoWiresElectricLegendaryPlusPlus: Electrifying Monowire
  • AdvancedProjectileLauncherThermalLegendaryPlusPlus: Thermal Projectile Launch System

Face Cyberwares:

  • Iconic_AdvancedKiroshiOpticsBareLegendaryPlusPlus: Kiroshi “Cockatrice” Optics
  • AdvancedKiroshiOpticsCombinedPlusPlus: Kiroshi “The Oracle” Optics

Skeleton Cyberwares:

  • IconicAdvancedT1000LegendaryPlusPlus: Rara Avis
  • AdvancedEndoskeletonLegendaryPlusPlus: Epimorphic Skeleton
  • AdvancedPainDistributorLegendaryPlusPlus: Universal Booster

Hand Cyberwares:

  • IconicGunStabilizerLegendaryPlusPlus: Immovable Force
  • AdvancedKnifeSharpenerLegendaryPlusPlus: Handle Wrap

Nervous System Cyberwares:

  • IconicAdvancedVisualCortexSupportLegendaryPlusPlus: Deep-field Visual Interface
  • IconicAdvancedDetectorRushLegendaryPlusPlus: Adreno-trigger
  • IconicAdvancedReflexRecorderLegendaryPlusPlus: Revulsor

Circulator System Cyberwares:

  • IconicDischargeConnectorLegendaryPlusPlus: Electromag Recycler
  • IconicShockAbsorberLegendaryPlusPlus: Isometric Stabilizer

Integumentary System Cyberwares:

  • AdvancedBoringPlatingLegendaryPlusPlus: Chitin
  • IconicAdvancedProximityReducerLegendaryPlusPlus: Peripheral Inverse
  • AdvancedPainReductorLegendaryPlusPlus: Pain Editor

Legs Cyberwares:

  • IconicJenkinsTendonsPlusPlus: Leeroy Ligament System
  • AdvancedBoostedTendonsPlusPlus: Reinforced Tendons

Best Weapon Item IDs:

For various weapon types, you provided a list of item names, but they don’t have specific item IDs included in the provided information.

Best Quickhacks Item IDs:

  • MadnessLvl3Program: Cyberpsychosis
  • SystemCollapseLvl3Program: System Collapse
  • SuicideLvl3Program: Suicide

Combat Quickhacks:

  • OverheatProgramLvl4PlusPlusProgram: Overheat
  • EMPOverloadProgramLvl4PlusPlusProgram: Short Circuit
  • ContagionProgramLvl4PlusPlusProgram: Contagion

Control Quickhacks:

  • LocomotionMalfunctionLvl4Program: Cripple Movement
  • DisableCyberwareLvl3Program: Cyberware Malfunction
  • CommsNoiseLvl4Program: Sonic Shock

Covert Quickhacks:

  • MemoryWipeLvl3Program: Memory Wipe
  • PingLvl4PlusPlusProgram: Ping
  • BlindProgram4: Reboot Optics

That should be everything you need to know about all the cheats and console commands for Cyberpunk 2077 2.11. For more useful tips on the game, search We Game Daily. Alternatively, check out the below video for a helpful overview.