gifting items in Enshrouded

Image source: Keen Games

Slinging around.

In Enshrouded, you don’t have to slump about the place on foot. There are way more exciting traversal options, including a grappling hook to sling yourself about the place and even gliders. Unlike many other items in Embervale, though, the Grappling Hook in Enshrouded isn’t found but crafted.

Getting the Grappling Hook in Enshrouded

Unlike most other items that you’ll stumble across during exploration, the Grappling Hook is something you’ll need to craft yourself. Most of the materials required are those you can find pretty early on in the game. First things first, make sure you have a Workbench — which you should have already crafted in the early hours of the game.

From there, begin by accessing your workbench menu. Approach a Workbench and navigate to the Survival section, or use the Escape key (PC) or Menu button (Xbox controller) to open the game’s menu, then head to your Journal and select Workshops. Note: crafting can only be done while physically at the Workbench.

Crafting the Grappling Hook requires:

  • x4 Metal Scraps
  • x7 Strings
  • x10 Shroud Spores

After crafting, equip it in your hotbar and select it to bind it permanently to your character.

Using the Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook in Enshrouded is pivotal for reaching areas with grappling points, notably near broken bridges, Elixir Wells, and various craftsperson’s vaults. You especially need it for quests like reaching the Carpenter, where the bridge necessitates using one multiple times.

You definitely want to craft it more or less as soon as you can since doing so not only makes traversal way easier but it opens up new areas to explore.

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