Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc.

World of potential.

Creature-collecting/survival hybrid Palworld has been taking the gaming scene by storm. We at WGD are certainly enjoying it, and we’re keen to see how the Early Access game will shape up in the future. Developer Pocket Pair, Inc. have recently revealed a Palworld development roadmap on X that gives us a glimpse into what’s in store.

Solid Foundations

Pocket Pair, Inc. have emphasized that, due to Palworld‘s incredible success beyond their expectations, their first priority will be fixing the bugs and congestion issues that are hampering some players’ enjoyment. Building a solid foundation is always a good move before tackling new features, so this commitment to improving quality is something that we’re pleased to see.

That’s not to say that there aren’t new features on the way, though. The full list can be found in the post below.

Source: @Palworld on X

The Road Ahead

After the critical issues, the Palworld development roadmap details some features planned for future updates:

  • PvP
  • Raid Bosses (End-Game Content)
  • Pal Arena (PvP for Pals)
  • Steam-Xbox Crossplay
  • Various Xbox Feature Improvements
  • Server Transfers and Migrations
  • Improvements to the Building System
  • New islands, Pals, Bosses, and Technologies

Some of these, such as “Various Xbox Feature Improvements” are obviously quite vague, so there’s not much to get excited about there. However, the prospect of PvP for both players and Pals in an arena is certainly something that could hugely improve Palworld‘s longevity. Breeding our Pals to be as strong as possible before pitting them in a grizzly fight to the death against other players would add an extra much-needed dimension to the game.

Crossplay is another noteworthy planned feature. Although the astronomical Steam player count means there’s little need for PC players to enjoy Palworld with console players, it would certainly benefit Xbox players. Game Pass is big, but it isn’t Steam big!

A notable omission, however, is any mention of PlayStation. Seeing Palworld‘s runaway success, Sony must be desperate to get the game on the PS5. And with the resources that Pocket Pair, Inc. must have at its disposal now, it’s probably on a matter of time. We can hope, anyway!

In short, the Palworld development roadmap gives us confidence that Pocket Pair, Inc. will support the zany game for a long time to come. As it’s only in Early Access, polishing out the rough edges first makes a lot of sense. But there’s no doubt that the planned features present an exciting glimpse into Palworld‘s future. And we’re here for it.