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Walk like an Egyptian.

In the dog-eat-dog world of Palworld, as you might expect, not all Pals are created equal. Some truly formidable creatures can be bred, as we’ve covered previously, by fusing Pals together. One such powerful Pal worth a special mention is Anubis, who you definitely want to add to your Paldeck. In this guide, we’ll cover how to get Anubis in Palworld, including strategies for capturing and breeding it.

How to Get Anubis in Palworld

Getting Anubis isn’t easy. It’s a very high-level, powerful Pal, so you’ll have to put in some leg work if you want to add it to your team. It’s worth persevering, though, because with its Level 4 Handiwork, Level 3 Mining, and Level 2 Transporting abilities, it’s a very handy Pal indeed.

How to Capture Anubis

Capturing Anubis directly is possible, but it’s difficult because of its high-level and the low catch-rate. To stand a chance, you’ll need a team of Pals or a single Pal of similar strength to face up to this seriously powerful creature. A team of grass-type Pals or a fully-leveled Jetragon, for example, are good choices. Also, don’t forget to bring plenty of Legendary Spheres or chance are you’ll be going home empty-handed.

Because of the difficulty of capturing Anubis, however, we’d recommend breeding it, as we outline below. Just note that before you can start breeding Pals, you need to unlock a Breeding Farm from your technology tree, which becomes available once you hit Level 19. You’ll need 100 wood, 20 stone, and 50 fiber to build it. If you’re having trouble finding resources, check out our comprehensive resource guide.

Methods for Breeding Anubis

There are several ways to breed Anubis in Palworld. The two that we’ve found are most effective involve pairing specific Pals to obtain a Huge Rocky Egg that eventually hatches into Anubis.

Breeding Low-Level Bosses

Perhaps the simplest way of breeding Anubis requires you to capture two low-level bosses, namely Penking and Bushi.

  • Penking is a level 15 boss that can be found at coordinates 113, -349.
  • Bushi is a level 23 boss that is located at coordinates -117, -491.

When you’ve captured these two bosses, they can be bred regardless of their gender, as long as one is male and the other female! This pairing results in a Huge Rocky Egg, which will eventually hatch into Anubis. If you’re having trouble with incubating your Pals, incidentally, we’ve put together some solutions for that.

Pairing Different Sets of Pals

An alternative approach requires you to breed different sets of Pals.

Breed the mini-boss Quivern with Relaxauris to get a Jormuntide. Quivern is a evel 23 mini-boss found at coordinates -255, -130. Relaxauris is standard Pal commonly found in early zones.

Once you have a Jormuntide, breed it with a Kitsun, which is a Pal found during the night near the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance at 180, 24. The area is ruddy chilly, so make sure to bring cold-resistance protection.

The resulting egg from breeding Jormuntide and Kitsun will then hatch into Anubis.

Hatching the Anubis Egg

Once you have the Huge Rocky Egg, place it in an Incubator to hatch. The incubation duration depends on your game settings, ranging from super quick to up to 240 hours for Massive eggs under custom settings.

Putting Anubis to Work

As well as being a handy fighter, Anubis is a perfect choice for an Ore Farm due to its exceptional Mining skill (level three) and decent Transporting ability (level two). It can efficiently handle both ore extraction and storage.

In addition, Anubis is one of the few Pals we’ve found with top-tier Handiwork (level four), making it a valuable addition to any base that requires substantial Handiwork.

And there you have it: a comprehensive guide on how to get Anubis in Palworld. You can capture or breed the Pal. Given how hard it is to capture, though, we’d recommend the breeding options, but it’s up to you! Either way, Anubis is a handy Pal to have in your team, not least because it’s superb in the Ore Farm and at general base maintenance.