How to beat Elegant Mother in Persona 3 Reload

Image source: Atlus via We Game Daily

Inside the labyrinth of Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll come across a number of formidable foes called shadows. Among these enemies, the Elegant Mother, a mini-boss dwelling on the 80th floor of Tartarus, Yabbashah Block, stands out as being pretty tough. This guide will equip you with key strategies, tips, and insights on how to beat Elegant Mother in Persona 3 Reload to help you best this parental nightmare.

Elegant Mother in Persona 3 Reload

The Elegant Mother is a shadow mini-boss found within Tartarus, the game’s central dungeon. Also known as the Monad Door, this foe lives up to her name, presenting an eerie grace. But don’t let her elegant façade fool you. This mini-boss is powerful enough to ruin your adventuring if you don’t go in prepared.

Elegant Mother Location

The Elegant Mother lurks on the 80th floor of Tartarus, specifically within the Yabbashah Block. We’d highly recommend you reach at least Level 27 before attempting to engage her in battle, because she’s no pushover.

Elegant Mother Strengths & Weaknesses

The Elegant Mother’s exact stats, including her HP and SP, aren’t revealed. However, what’s clear is that she is a formidable adversary, capable of dealing significant damage to unprepared parties. But she’s not without her weaknesses.

The Elegant Mother’s affinities and resistances play a critical role in determining your battle strategy. She is particularly vulnerable to Fire attacks, while she resists Wind attacks. It’s also worth noting that Dark attacks are nullified, so there’s no point wasting time with them.

Elegant Mother Skills

Although she has her weaknesses, the Elegant Mother also possesses a range of potent skills. Among these, the Poison Mist and Demonic Decree are the worst. The former can poison your entire party, while the latter inflicts heavy damage on a single target.

How to Beat Elegant Mother in Persona 3 Reload

Before attempting to beat Elegant Mother, make sure you prepare well. Stock up on Dis-Poison items to counter her Poison Mist attack. Also, you should have healing spells like Media at the ready.

Fire Attack: Your Main Weapon

Given the Elegant Mother’s weakness to Fire, using Agi or Agilao spells to knock her down for All-Out Attacks is an effective strategy. Repeat this pattern to gradually whittle down her health and eventually defeat her.

Countering Poison Mist

The Elegant Mother’s Poison Mist can cause significant damage over time. Using Dis-Poison items or enduring the poison while healing with Media can help mitigate this threat.

Healing Your Party

Keeping your party’s health as, well, healthy as possible is a good idea. This is particularly important given the Elegant Mother’s Demonic Decree, which can inflict heavy damage on a single target.

To successfully counter the Demonic Decree, try to keep your party’s health close to maximum at all times. This will ensure that you can absorb this powerful attack without losing a party member.

Rewards for Beating Elegant Mother

When you finally beat the Elegant Mother, you can look forward to a range of rewards, including experience points and unique items. More importantly, defeating her represents a significant milestone in your journey through Tartarus.

By following these strategies on how to beat Elegant Mother in Persona 3 Reload, hopefully you won’t have too much trouble with this particular shadow. Just remember to use fire attacks and guard against her poison mist attack and you should be okay. And if you haven’t reached the Yabbashah Block yet but are having trouble earlier on, check out our guide on navigating that tricky section of Tartarus.