a list of the fastest flying mounts in palworld

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Fly into the danger zone.

There’s nothing quite like soaring the skies in any sandbox game, and Palworld is no exception. But not all mounts are made equals; some possess a blend of speed and agility that puts them a cut above the rest. Here we’re highlighting the fastest flying mounts in Palworld.

How Flying Mount Speed is Determined

The speed of flying mounts is determined by the distance covered during a direct flight. The more ground it traverses in a short time, the faster it is considered. Note that if you want a bit of a shortcut to a mount with unlimited stamina, there’s a mod that unlocks this ability.

Ranking of Fastest Flying Mounts in Palworld

This section provides a list of the fastest flying mounts, from the fastest to the slowest:

  1. Jetragon
  2. Ragnahawk
  3. Suzaku
  4. Beakon
  5. Quivern
  6. Vanwyrm
  7. Nitewing

Let’s delve into the details of these high-speed flying mounts.

Jetragon is the fastest-flying mount in Palworld. This mount can be found at Mount Obsidian, located far west on the map.

Jetragon only appears at level 50, so you need a robust lineup of Pals and high-quality gear to encounter it effectively. Use a Legendary Pal Sphere for the best chances of capturing this creature. If you miss your first opportunity, worry not. Jetragon reappears roughly an hour after defeat, ready for another capture attempt.

Next on the list is Ragnahawk. While not the fastest, Ragnahawk is the most accessible high-speed flying mount. It can be found around level 35 on Mount Obsidian.

Acquiring Ragnahawk is relatively easier. You can capture this mount using Hyper Pal Spheres, making it an excellent choice for your mid and late-game adventures.

Suzaku stands out for its vertical ascent speed. Found near level 40 in the Desert region north of the map, Suzaku’s vertical climbing speed makes it ideal for egg hunting on cliffs and towering mountains.

Other Flying Mounts

Here’s a quick look at the locations of other flying mounts:

  • Beakon: (527, 526)
  • Quivern: (-665, -113)
  • Vanwyrm: (-100, -412)
  • Nitewing: (62, -414)

You can use our interactive map page to help you track down the coordinates above.

Boosting Mount Speed via the Swift Trait

An alternative way to enhance mount speed is to catch or breed a mount with the Swift trait. This trait provides a 30% increase in movement speed, making your mount significantly faster.

Partner skill levels also play a critical role in mount speed. By increasing these levels through the use of condensers, you can enhance your mount’s speed significantly.

Mount Breeding and its Impact on Speed

Breeding mounts allows for the combination of desired traits, potentially leading to faster mounts. Using the condenser can further increase base stats, enhancing the speed of your mounts. Check out our list of Fusion pal combos, which provides an overview of the breeding process.

Speed-boosting Traits

Here are the traits that can enhance speed:

  • Legend: +20% Attack, +15% Defense, +15% Movement speed
  • Nimble: +10% Movement speed
  • Runner: +20% Movement speed
  • Swift: +30% Movement speed

So there you have it. If you’re after the fastest flying mounts in the game then this should have provided you with more or less everything you need.