How to get all Persona 3 Reload vending machine drinks

Image source: Atlus via We Game Daily

Thirsty work.

Navigating the perils of Tartarus and making friends in Persona 3 Reload can be thirsty work. Fortunately, there are plenty of drinks in the game to quench your thirst. In fact, there are 12 of them, found in vending machines scattered across Persona 3 Reload‘s expansive world. Here, we guide you on how to get all Persona 3 Reload vending machine drinks by detailing all the vending machine locations and the drinks they offer.

How to Get All Persona 3 Reload Vending Machine Drinks

The ninth request from Elizabeth, a Velvet Room attendant, requires you to collect 12 different drinks from vending machines. While this might seem straightforward, tracking down the vending machines and collecting a dozen different drinks can be challenging unless you know where to look.

The reward for completing this request is a Media Skill Card, enabling you to teach one of your Personas a powerful area-of-effect healing skill. It’s therefore worth the effort!

The Required 12 Persona 3 Reload Vending Machine Drinks

To fulfil Elizabeth’s request, you need to collect the following drinks:

  1. Cielo Mist
  2. SoBay
  3. Mad Bull
  4. Starvicks
  5. Cylon Tea
  6. Aguafeena
  7. Nastea
  8. BauerBar
  9. Fountain Dew
  10. Dr. Salt
  11. Moonkist
  12. 1 Up

Note: The last three drinks on this list are typically sold out at the Iwatodai Station vending machine. For simplicity, we recommend buying the 12 drinks that are readily available.

Persona 3 Reload Vending Machine Locations

There are five vending machines in Persona 3 Reload. Their locations are:

Student Dormitory 2F

This vending machine is conveniently located on the second floor of the student dormitory. It offers the following drinks:

  • Cielo Mist
  • SoBay
  • Mad Bull

Student Dormitory 3F

The second vending machine can be found on the third floor of the student dormitory. This machine dispenses the following beverages:

  • Starvicks
  • Cylon Tea
  • Aguafeena

Iwatodai Strip Mall 3F

The third vending machine is located on the third floor of the Iwatodai Strip Mall. Simply ascend the spiral staircase to reach this location. The drinks available here are:

  • Nastea
  • BauerBar
  • Fountain Dew

Port Island Station

Once you arrive at the Port Island Station, head towards the stairs to find the fourth vending machine next to the Screen Shot shop. Here, you can purchase:

  • Dr. Salt
  • Moonkist
  • 1 Up

5. Iwatodai Station

The final vending machine is situated in the Iwatodai Station. Half of its contents are usually sold out. If you wish to restock it, you’ll need to level up your Courage to enter Club Escapade and obtain an item called the Iwatodai Forum Note. Once acquired, use it at the computer in the Student Dormitory to restock the machine. The drinks sold here are:

  • Cielo Mist
  • SoBay
  • Mad Bull

When you’ve collected the 12 different drinks, just return to the Velvet Room and speak to Elizabeth to complete this quest. Hand over the drinks, and in return, Elizabeth will give you a Media Skill Card as a reward.

So, there you have it: a complete guide on how to get all Persona 3 Reload vending machine drinks. It can be tricky to track down some of the vending machine scattered throughout the expansive game world, but with this guide you shouldn’t have a problem quenching Elizabeth’s thirst!