best vaseraga build in granblue fantasy relink

Image source: Cygames

Big damage build.

Known for his sheer strength and damage-dealing prowess, Vaseraga can be a game-changer when equipped with the right weapons, skills, and mastery. Here we’ll be breaking down what we consider the best Vaseraga build in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Best Veseraga Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Vaseraga specializes in charged attacks, making him a potent damage dealer in the game. While his speed might be slower compared to other characters on the roster, Vaseraga compensates for it with his immense strength. Our build is designed to get the most out of his natural skillset.

Best Weapons for Vaseraga

Vaseraga’s power hinges on the weapon he equips (which you can upgrade with Fortitude Crystals). Among the various scythe options available in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, the standout weapon for Vaseraga is the Soul Eater. This scythe has a Critical Hit Rate Trait and gains a Critical Hit DMG boost as you increase its level cap. Using a Wrightstone to empower it with additional Critical Hit Traits can make Vaseraga’s damage output soar.

While Soul Eater is a top choice, remember to level up each of Vaseraga’s weapons to unlock stat boosts in the Collection Mastery tree. Experiment with different scythe’s Traits and find the one that complements your playstyle as you level Vaseraga up.

Best Skills for Vaseraga

Vaseraga has a pool of seven skills to choose from, but you want to focus on these four for maximum effect:

  1. Battalions of Fear
  2. Great Scythe Grynoth
  3. Umbral Eclipse
  4. Violent Shadows

These skills allow Vaseraga to weave into his combos with charged attacks easily, inflict Slow on nearby enemies, and restore his health while dealing substantial AOE damage.

Vaseraga’s power can be further enhanced with the right choice of Sigils. The character-specific Sigil, “Ebony’s Poise,” majorly extends the time that the Grynoth gauge is active before it depletes.

Next, focus on equipping Vaseraga with Damage Cap Sigils. These are rare, and it will take some time to gather enough for the optimal build. You should aim for a Damage Cap Trait of level 50-60 to achieve a roughly 200% increased Damage Cap for Vaseraga.

After maximizing your Damage Cap level, focus on acquiring a mixture of Critical Hit Rate/DMG Sigils, Quick Charge Sigils, and Charge Damage Sigils to maximize his damage output. These Sigils not only boost his Critical capabilities but also enhance his charged attacks.

Vaseraga Mastery Priority

For best results, prioritize Vaseraga’s Offense Mastery tree, focusing on branches that grant upgrades for skills you are actively using. Save your Mastery Points (MSP) to unlock as many stat boosts as possible further down the Mastery tree.

That all being said, don’t overlook Vaseraga’s Defense Mastery tree. Even though Vaseraga’s skills can heal him and your allies can absorb some hits during co-op quests, it’s crucial to invest points into it occasionally for survival in tougher content. Ideally, keep Vaseraga’s Defense Mastery tree about 20%-25% behind his Offense Mastery tree.

As for Collection Mastery, unlock these upgrades as soon as they’re available. Despite requiring a significant amount of MSP, you’ll receive a substantial boost to HP and attack from these upgrades. Hence, invest in weapons you aren’t actively using.

So there you have it. Vaseraga can easily become the big damage dealer in your party, capable of carrying you through even the most challenging missions in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.