Adding sockets to necklaces in dragonflight

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Leveling up your gear.

Following the WoW Dragonflight expansion, jewelcrafting gained newfound importance, particularly with the ability to upgrade gear by adding gem sockets. Here we’ll delve into the process of adding gem sockets to your gear in WoW Dragonflight, helping you maximize your character’s potential.

Adding Gem Sockets in Wow Dragonflight

As alluded to above, Gem Sockets are additional slots that can be added to gear, specifically necklaces, in WoW Dragonflight. Adding these sockets to your gear allows you to insert gems, granting your items additional stat bonuses. The process of adding gem sockets is unique to jewel crafters, making this profession more desirable with the Dragonflight expansion.

Acquiring Gem Sockets

There are two main methods of acquiring gem sockets in WoW Dragonflight:

  1. Buying Tiered Medallion Settings from the auction house. These are available in three different quality levels and should cost around 100 to 500 gold based on your realm’s economy.
  2. Leveling up your Jewelcrafting profession and crafting the Tiered Medallion Setting. You can do this by crafting and crushing gems. Once you reach 30 points in the Jewelcrafting profession, you’ll unlock the Tiered Medallion Setting.

Crafting Materials for Tiered Medallion Setting

To craft a Tiered Medallion Setting, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 12 Silken Gemdust
  • 20 Eternity Amber
  • 1 Shimmering Clasp
  • 1 Awakened Order

These ingredients can be easily bought or acquired in the game.

Adding Sockets in WoW Dragonflight

Once you have the necessary materials and the Tiered Medallion Setting, you can start adding sockets to your gear. There are three different types of sockets that you can create using the Tiered Medallion Setting:

  • Tier 1 creates a socket for item level 385 gems.
  • Tier 2 creates an item level 400 socket.
  • Tier 3 creates an item level 415 socket.

To add gem sockets to your gear, click on the Tiered Medallion Setting in your bag and then click on the desired item. It’s important to start with the lowest-level socket if your item doesn’t have any existing sockets.

Buying Gem Sockets

If you’re looking to buy gem sockets, there are a couple of places where you can do so:

  • Auction House: You can buy one Tiered Medallion Setting of each quality for a total of three sockets.
  • The Vault: You can trade coins for sockets at the bottom of The Vault.

Adding Multiple Sockets

If you’re looking to maximize your gear’s potential, you can add up to three sockets to a necklace in WoW Dragonflight. Here’s how you can do it:

  • One-star items can add one socket.
  • Two-star items can add up to two sockets.
  • Three-star items can add up to three sockets.

Keep in mind when adding sockets to your gear in WoW Dragonflight that to save gold, use a two-starred item for your second gem slot and a three-starred item for your third gem slot.

If your necklace already comes with a socket, you don’t need to add the first socket. Instead, you can focus on buying the second and third sockets.

To add a socket, open “Item Socketing” by pressing Shift + Right Click on a socketed item.

That wraups up how to add sockets to your necklaces in WoW Dragonflight. Hopefully, now you have the information you need to confidently add sockets to your gear and maximize your character’s potential.

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