Outcast's Duty in ACT 4 of Rogue Trader

Image source: Owlcat Games via We Game Daily

Damn glitches.

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is a deep CRPG experience, and like any complex title, it’s not immune to bugs and issues. One notable example that players have encountered is the “Outcast’s Duty” quest bug, which occurs in the later chapters of the game. This bug can cause frustration and prevent players from progressing in the storyline, particularly if they’re interested in the Yrliet romance or completing the questline. Here, we’ll explore what the Rogue Trader Outcast’s Duty bug is, the issues players are facing, and how to potentially resolve it.

Rogue Trader Outcast’s Duty Bug, Explained

The “Outcast’s Duty” quest is a companion questline involving the character Yrliet, an Eldar Corsair. Players may encounter this bug during Chapter 4 or later in the game, and it can manifest in various ways:

  1. Quest Stuck: Some players have reported that the “Outcast’s Duty” quest appears to be stuck at a certain point, preventing further progression.
  2. Incomplete Quest: In other cases, the quest may remain marked as incomplete despite the player’s completion of certain objectives.
  3. Missing Triggers: Players have noted that certain quest triggers or dialogue options don’t appear as expected, making it challenging to continue the questline.

Possible Causes of the Bug:

The exact cause of the “Outcast’s Duty” quest bug is rather unclear at the moment, and it may be related to specific choices, interactions, or events that occur during the game. Players have reported encountering the bug after various combinations of choices, making it difficult to pinpoint a single cause.

How to Potentially Fix the Outcast’s Duty Issue

While there is no guaranteed fix for the “Outcast’s Duty” quest bug, some players have reported success with the following approaches:

  1. Use the Toybox Mod (With Caution): Some players have experimented with the Toybox mod, a tweak/cheat mod that allows for various in-game adjustments. While using Toybox may help progress past certain quest stages, it should be used cautiously, as it can potentially cause unintended consequences or disrupt the game’s balance.
  2. Experiment with Different Choices: If you have multiple save files, you might try experimenting with different choices in the questline to see if it triggers the next stage of the quest. However, this approach may not work for all players and could require substantial replaying.
  3. Wait for Patches: The development team behind Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is aware of the bug and has been actively working on patches to address various issues. Keep an eye out for game updates, as future patches may contain fixes for this bug.
  4. Submit a Bug Report: If you encounter the bug, consider submitting a bug report to the game’s developers. Detailed reports help them understand the issue better and may expedite the bug-fixing process.

While the Outcast’s Duty Rogue Trader quest bug is certainly frustrating, the development team at Owlcat is surely working to address these issues. We’ll keep an eye out for game updates that may provide a more permanent solution to this bug and other quest-related issues and keep this article updated