Fixing a quest bug in Starfield

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Hampered exploration.

Bethesda’s most recent RPG marked a big step in quality and performance over its previous titles at launch, but it isn’t perfect. As with any complex RPG, it’s not unusual to encounter bugs that turn gameplay into a frustrating experience. Starfield has a few annoying bugs, and the Rook Meets King bug has continued to cause issues since the game was first released. Here’s our walkthrough on how to fix the Starfield Rook Meets King quest bug.

The Rook Meets King Quest Bug, Explained

Starfield’s Rook Meets King Quest is a crucial mission that involves role-playing as secret agents dealing with the Crimson Fleet, a band of space pirates. The objective of the mission is to locate and eliminate a deserter from the Crimson Fleet. Unfortunately, technical glitches often mar this exciting journey.

It presents various problems such as the Vigilance ship not appearing, the quest not progressing as it should, issues with hailing the Astraea ship, and various bugs in space encounters.

Several factors contribute to the Rook Meets King bug. These include:

  1. Vigilance Ship Not Appearing: Players have reported instances where the Vigilance ship fails to appear in Phobos’ orbit, hindering quest progression.
  2. Quest Not Progressing: The Rook Meets King quest sometimes does not advance as expected, causing confusion and frustration.
  3. Issues with Hailing the Astraea Ship: Some players have encountered difficulties when trying to hail the Astraea ship.
  4. Bugs in Space Encounters: A slew of reported bugs have affected the space encounters integral to the Rook Meets King quest.

Fixing the Rook Meets King Bug in Starfield

There are several strategies players can employ to navigate around this bug:

Using Console Commands (PC Only) – For PC gamers, console commands can be used to set specific quest stages, potentially triggering the appearance of the Vigilance ship.

Completing Other Quests – If the Rook Meets King quest isn’t advancing, attempt other quests or activities related to the Constellation members. Completing these side quests can sometimes stimulate progress in the main questline.

Improving Ships and Combat Skills – To enhance your abilities in the Rook Meets King quest, consider upgrading your ship with improved shields, firepower, and ship skills. Investing skill points into combat-related skills can also be beneficial.

Settling Outstanding Bounties – To avoid potential hindrances in your quest progress, it’s advisable to settle any outstanding bounties with factions such as the Crimson Fleet.

Last Ditch Solutions

If all else fails, consider reinstalling the game and returning to a previous save point to address the issue. You can also try reloading saved game files from a point before encountering the bug can often reset quest states, facilitating smoother progression.

It’s also worth checking the integrity of the game files to ensure they haven’t suffered from corruption or are missing any necessary components.

Finally (and annoyingly), sometimes, simply waiting or departing from the ship as it approaches the moon and then returning later may successfully resolve the issue.

If none of the previous solutions have proven effective, consider contacting Starfield’s support team for further assistance.

That wraps up everything we know about fixing the Rook Meets King bug in Starfield. We’ll keep this article updated if we learn of any further solutions.