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In the World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery, players can discover and utilize Runes. These unique items bestow various passive effects or new spells upon the character. You’ll have the flexibility to switch out these Runes whenever they are not engaged in combat. Each class is introduced with a set of 12 distinct Runes at the beginning of the season. Here we’re recapping all Paladin Rune locations in Wow Classic.

WoW Classic Paladin Rune Locations in Season of Discovery

Paladin Runes are scattered across the open world, with acquisition methods varying based on your character’s race and faction. This article has been updated to include all 12 Runes.

Avenger’s Shield Rune (Legs)

Launches a holy shield at an enemy, inflicting Holy damage between a calculated range, dazing them and bouncing to two additional targets. Affects 3 targets in total with a duration of 10 seconds.

Acquisition Process:

  • Location: Redridge Mountains.
  • Target: Eliminate Dro’zem the Blasphemous, a level 23 rare Elite orc. He has multiple potential spawn points.
  • Most Reliable Spawn Point: Often found in a cave in the northern part, approximate coordinates: /way 34.8, 7.6.

Seal of Martyrdom Rune (Chest)

The Seal of Martyrdom Rune induces a holy spirit within you for 30 seconds. As a consequence, each of your melee attacks inflicts 30% weapon damage on your target, but you lose health equivalent to 10% of the damage inflicted. A unique feature of this seal is that it allows party and raid members within 40 yards to gain mana equal to 10% of the damage you take from this seal.


The Seal of Martyrdom Rune can be acquired by approaching the NPC in Stormwind Cathedral. Following this, a note must be retrieved from the Cathedral Catacombs which will direct you to defeat an adversary on a minuscule island nestled between Westfall and Elywnn Forest. Upon vanquishing the enemy, you will be rewarded with the Seal of Martyrdom.

Horn of Lordaeron Rune (Chest)

This Horn of Lordaeron Rune enables the Paladin to blow the Horn of Lordaeron, which subsequently amplifies the total Strength and Agility of all party members within 30 yards by 6. The effect lasts for 2 minutes and is exclusive with Blessing of Might.


Dwarf: the Horn of Lordaeron Rune can be found inside one of the Loch Modan Tavern rooms downstairs, on a table. Upon locating it, a quest will be activated which requires you to buff 5 different individuals. Completing this quest will unlock the Horn of Lordaeron Rune.

Divine Sacrifice Rune (Legs)

Redirects 30% of damage taken by party members within 30 yards to the Paladin for 10 seconds. Damage that lowers the Paladin’s health below 20% will cancel the effect and grant a 10% boost in damage and healing for the Paladin for 10 seconds. Cannot be used under the effects of Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield, or Divine Protection, and also prevents targeting by these abilities while active.

Acquisition Method (Both Races): Available from Grizzby in Ratchet, with the completion of prerequisite quests:

  1. Shredder Turbochargers Task: Collect 16 Shredder Turbochargers from Venture Co. Shredders in Windshear Crag, Stonetalon Mountains using a Shredder Autosalvage Unit.
  2. Dark Iron Ordinance Collection: Gather 20 Dark Iron Ordinance by defeating Dark Iron Insurgents in North Loch Modan or Rifleman and other Dark Iron dwarves in North Wetlands.
  3. Fish Oil Requirement: Procure 24 Fish Oils by defeating murlocs in Hillsbrad or Wetlands, or alternatively through the Auction House.

Aegis Rune (Chest)

The Aegis Rune enhances your block value by 30% and grants a 10% chance to increase your chance to block by 30% when damaging melee and ranged attacks are launched against you. The effect lasts for 10 seconds or 5 blocks and is not cumulative with Redoubt.


To acquire the Aegis Rune as a Human Paladin, you must venture to Jasperlode Mines and purify the Paladin located at the end of the area. Dwarf Paladins, on the other hand, can locate the Wounded Adventurer outside of Gnomeregan and use the spell Purify on him to obtain the Aegis Rune.

Inspiration Exemplar Rune (Legs)

The Inspiration Exemplar Rune radiates an inspiring presence that periodically dispels Fear and Sleep effects on nearby party members.


Human & Dwarf: you can find the Inspiration Exemplar Rune east of the hill, just east of Jerod’s Landing. You must approach the Adventurer’s Remains on the ground and right-click to summon a portal. Subsequently, another paladin or priest must right-click to summon an Adventurer’s Spirit. When the mob perishes, both of you can loot the mob and acquire the Inspiration Exemplar Rune. Dwarfs can follow a similar procedure at the Wendigo Cave in Kharanos.

Divine Storm Rune (Chest)

Executes an instant weapon attack, dealing 110% of weapon damage to up to 4 nearby enemies. Also, heals up to three party or raid members for a total of 25% of the damage dealt.

Discovery Procedure (Both Factions):

  1. Orb Interaction: Begin by clicking on the orb at the summit of the Tower of Althalaxx in Northern Darkshore.
  2. Guidance from Ashenvale: Travel to Maestra’s Post in Ashenvale and consult with Delgren the Purifier, who will provide the quest “Advice From Stormwind.”
  3. Continuing the Quest: Complete this task and report to Katherine the Pure, who initiates the next step, “A Second Opinion.”
  4. Stormwind Mage Quarters: Meet Ursula Deline in Stormwind’s Mage Quarters for the quest “Earning Your Salt.”
  5. Salt Collection in Redridge: In the Redridge Mountains, eliminate Blackrock Summoners to gather 14 Summoner’s Salts.
  6. Return to Stormwind: Submit your findings in Stormwind to unlock “It Must Be Destroyed.”
  7. Demon Fall Canyon Challenge: In Ashenvale’s Demon Fall Canyon, defeat Searing Infernal, Felguard, and Mannoroc Lasher to collect 12 Motes of Mannoroth.
  8. Mannoroth’s Weapons: Near coordinates 89, 77, interact with the circle beneath Mannoroth’s weapons to dislodge a broken orb.
  9. Final Quest Activation: Engage with the fallen orb to start the conclusive task, “Return to Delgren.”
  10. Completion: Successfully finishing this quest awards the Divine Storm Rune.

Exorcist Rune (Legs)

All Races: The Exorcist Rune enables Exorcism to be cast on any target and doubles the critical strike chance against Undead and Demons.


All Races: The Libram of Banishment, which drops from Worgen enemies, is the key to acquiring the Exorcist Rune. After finding it, you must use Turn Undead on 5 enemies and exterminate them using Exorcism. Adhering to these steps accurately will reward you with the Exorcist Rune.

Rebuke Rune (Legs)

The Rebuke Rune interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 2 seconds.


All Races: To obtain the Rebuke Rune, you must engage in a conversation with the Bartender in the Park in Stormwind and defeat the drunk NPC. Accomplishing this task will reward you with the Rebuke Rune.

Crusader Strike Rune (Gloves)

The Crusader Strike Rune enables an instant strike that inflicts 75% weapon damage and regenerates 2% of your maximum mana.


Human: You’ll receive a quest to recover a stolen Libram from Defias enemies in Elwynn Forest. After finding the Libram, equip it, and judge enemies 10 times. This process will make you Inspired. Use the equipped Libram, and it will teach you the Crusader Strike rune. It’s wortth noting You must be level 4 to learn Judgement.

Hand of Reckoning Rune (Gloves)

The Hand of Reckoning Rune taunts the target to attack you but has no effect if the target is already attacking you. Notably, this rune boosts the threat bonus from Righteous Fury to 80% and allows Righteous Fury to cause you to gain mana when healed by others, equivalent to 25% of the healed amount.


All Races: To acquire the Hand of Reckoning Rune, you must proceed to Stonesplinter Valley in Loch Modan and locate the Sunken Reliquary inside the cave. It contains the Libram of Justice. You must then defeat 10 enemies while they are stunned by Hammer of Justice to receive the Hand of Reckoning Rune.

Crusader Strike Rune (Gloves)

Performs an instant melee attack dealing 75% weapon damage and restores 2% of your maximum mana.

Discovery Method:

For Dwarf Paladins (Dun Morogh):

  • Quest: “Relics of the Light” is assigned by the Paladin trainer.
  • Objective: Retrieve the stolen Libram of Judgement, which may drop from Frostmane Trolls in Coldridge Valley.
  • Process: After equipping the Libram, use Judgement 10 times to achieve the fully inspired state. Then, activate the Libram from your character sheet to learn Crusader Strike.

For Human Paladins (Elwynn Forest):

  • Quest: “Relics of the Light” from the Paladin trainer.
  • Objective: Recover a stolen Libram of Judgement, potentially dropped by nearby Defias in Northshire.
  • Process: Equip the Libram and use Judgement 10 times to attain the fully inspired buff. Activate the equipped Libram from your character sheet to acquire Crusader Strike.

Additional Requirement: Both quests require the Paladin to be at least level 4 for casting Judgement.

That wraps up all the WoW Classic Rune locations we’ve found thus far for the Paladin class, but we’ll be keeping this guide up to date moving forward. In the meantime, you can read our similar guides for Rogues and Mages.