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Gathering them up.

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery has brought a refreshing twist to Blizzard’s ever-popular MMO with the introduction of Runes. Every class, including the Rogue, has been affected by this change. These newly introduced Runes offer players unique abilities that they can etch onto various items, enhancing their combat prowess.

However, these Runes are strategically scattered throughout Azeroth, with some even being tucked away behind clandestine quests or items. As you can imagine, players are racing to uncover the most potent Runes this season. Here we’ll be offering a handy reference of all Rogue Rune locations in WoW Classic to get you off to the best start.

WoW Classic Rogue Runes Locations in Season of Discovery

There are 12 Rogue Runes in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, and this guide has been updated over time to include all of them.

Deadly Brew Rune (Chest)

Enhances your poisons with several improvements:

  • Automatically applies Deadly Poison when any other poison is inflicted.
  • Unpoisoned weapons have a chance to trigger Instant Poison.
  • Increased damage from Attack Power for both Deadly and Instant Poison.

Discovery Journey (Both Factions):

  1. Initial Prompt: Upon reaching Level 20, you’ll receive a mail titled “An Offer” from C. Your next destination is Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest.
  2. Locating the Hut: Find a hut near the ramp to Shadowfang Keep. Inside, a chest initiates the quest “The Horn of Xelthos.”
  3. Quest to Stonetalon Mountains: Travel to find Veenix, who requests a Venture Co. Work Order, obtainable from Venture Co. Operators through pickpocketing or looting.
  4. Return to Veenix: Hand over the Work Order to receive a Breaching Charge.
  5. Solo Entry to Shadowfang Keep: Enter the dungeon alone to spawn Gemela and Gefell. Use the Breaching Charge to bypass the first boss.
  6. Stealth and Pickpocketing: Navigate the dungeon stealthily to pickpocket Gemela in the Ball Room and Gefell near the corridor past the Ball Room for the Sister’s and Brother’s Half-Keys.
  7. Creating the Twin Key: Combine the keys (this action reveals your position).
  8. Unlocking the Chest: Head to the Stables in the Courtyard, use the Twin Key on a chest to find the Horn of Xelthos.
  9. Completing the Quest: Return to the hut to turn in the quest.
  10. Final Step: After entering a major city and receiving another mail, return to the hut to claim the Rune of Deadly Brew as your reward.

Quick Draw (Chest)

This WoW Classic Rune allows the Rogue to fire a quick shot at an enemy, causing normal ranged weapon damage and reducing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6s. It also awards 1 combo point and benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.

Alliance Location

  • Human: Accumulate Treasure Map Fragments via looting or pickpocketing and create the Elwynn Treasure Map. Proceed to the indicated location to secure the Rune.
  • Dwarf: Assemble the Dun Morogh Treasure Map using fragments obtained through looting or pickpocketing and head to the specified location to claim the Rune.
  • Night Elf: Collect Treasure Map Fragments from humanoid enemies and formulate the Teldrassil Treasure Map. The Rune awaits at the marked location.

Horde Location

  • Forsaken: Gather the Tirisfal Treasure Map Fragments through looting or pickpocketing and head to the designated location to acquire the Rune.
  • Orc and Troll: Convene the Durotar Treasure Map Fragments and journey to the location indicated on the map to retrieve the Rune.

Just a Flesh Wound Rune (Chest)

Activates enhanced defensive capabilities:

  • Reduces Physical damage taken by 20% while Blade Dance is active.
  • Lowers the chance of receiving a critical hit from melee attacks by 6%.
  • Significantly increases the threat generated by all actions.
  • Replaces the Feint ability with Tease, which taunts the target to attack you (ineffective if the target is already attacking you).

Acquisition Process (Both Factions):

  • Availability: The Rune of Teasing can be purchased for 2 gold upon achieving Friendly status.
  • Factions: Available with Durotar Supply and Logistics for Horde players and Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance players.

Envenom Rune (Legs)

Provides a finishing move that inflicts immediate poison damage, dependent on the Deadly Poison doses on the target. Post-Envenom, the frequency of applying Instant Poison increases by 75% for a duration influenced by combo points. Damage scales with the number of doses and Attack Power.

Acquisition Method (Both Factions):

  1. Vendor at Durnholde Keep: In the Hillsbrad Foothills, find a vendor behind the building where Tog’thar resides. Purchase a “Hot Tip” for 75 gold.
  2. Revealing the Combination: Open the “Hot Tip” to obtain a “Safe Combination.”
  3. Locating the Safe: Follow the river northwards into the Western Plaguelands. Near a waterfall just before a lake, locate a Rusty Safe at the bottom (coordinates: /way 59.4, 84.6) which contains the Envenom Rune.

Slaughter from the Shadows (Chest)

This Rune reduces the Energy cost of Backstab and Ambush abilities by 20.

Alliance Location

  • Night Elf: Eliminate Furbolgs inside Banethil until a key is looted. Venture inside the Barrows to find a chest and unlock it using the key.

Horde Location

  • Forsaken: Defeat mobs outside the Agamand Family Crypt to obtain the Relic Coffer Key, which can be used to unlock a chest inside the Crypt.

Between the Eyes (Legs)

This Rune is a ranged finishing move that deals damage per combo point, increased by Attack Power and stuns the target. The cooldown is shared with Kidney Shot.

Alliance Location

  • Human: Traverse to the end of Cutthroat Alley in Stormwind and enter the house. Open the chest and defeat the two enemies that spawn.
  • Dwarf: Head to the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge and loot the Dusty Crate located outside the Rogue trainer’s area. Subdue the two enemies that spawn.

Blade Dance (Legs)

A finishing move that increases your Parry Chance. The duration and Parry chance increase with each combo point.

Alliance Location

  • Pickpocket Defias Brotherhood enemies in Westfall. You will obtain an envelope and a key. Follow the instructions of the envelope to find the chest.

Mutilate (Gloves)

Rune instantly attacks with both weapons for 100% weapon damage plus additional with each weapon. Damage is increased by 20% against Poisoned targets and awards 2 combo points.

Alliance Location

  • Human: Pickpocket Garrick Padfoot and take the note to the south wall of Northshire. Interact with Cutty to secure the Rune.
  • Night Elf: Defeat Lord Melenas inside a cave in Dolanaar to obtain the Rune.

Horde Location

  • Forsaken: Pickpocket Captain Perrine to secure a ring. Take it to Brill’s Town Hall to get a document. Deliver this document to Jamie Nore in Brill to acquire the Rune.
  • Orc and Troll: Pickpocket Burning Blade enemies at Razor Hill. After obtaining a note, head to Ba’so in Durotar to secure the Rune.

Shadowstrike (Gloves)

Allows the Rogue to teleport behind the target and strike, causing 150% weapon damage to the target. It must be used in stealth and awards 1 combo point.

Alliance Location

  • Human: The Rune is found in a chest between two outhouses in Northshire.
  • Night Elf: The Rune is found inside a rune on top of a roof in the Night Elf starting area. This is the level 2 quest to unlock runes.

Horde Location

  • Orc and Troll: Open a chest next to the spawn area. This is the level 2 quest to unlock runes.

Saber Slash (Gloves)

Viciously slashes an enemy for 130% weapon damage and causes the target to bleed for damage every 2s for 12s, stacking up to 3 times. It also awards 1 combo point and benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.

Alliance Location

  • All Races: Head to the Inn at Sentinel Hill until you spot an Elite Defias Scout. Pickpocket them before they flee.

Horde Location

  • All Races: Head to Northwatch Hold and climb the stable where the chest is. Lockpicking 80 is required to unlock the chest.

Shiv Rune (Gloves)

Enables an instant off-hand weapon attack that guarantees the application of your off-hand weapon’s poison to the target. Energy cost varies with weapon speed. Grants 1 combo point upon use.

Discovery Process (Both Factions):

  1. Pickpocketing Task: In Duskwood, pickpocket Defias Night Runners, located south of Raven Hill Cemetery, until you acquire an “Engraved Gold Ring.”
  2. Ring Activation: Equip the acquired ring.
  3. Statue Interaction: Travel to the central statue in Raven Hill Cemetery, located at coordinates /way 19.9, 45.5. Perform a /kneel gesture in front of the statue to complete the process.

Main Gauche Rune (Gloves)

Performs an instant off-hand weapon strike for normal damage and boosts parry chance by 10% for 10 seconds. Also, grants 1 combo point upon successful hit. This rune’s benefits extend to all talents and effects influencing Sinister Strike.

Acquisition Steps (Both Factions):

  • Vendor Location: Available from Grizzby in Ratchet.
  • Required Pre-Quests:
    1. Shredder Turbochargers Collection: Acquire 16 Shredder Turbochargers by employing a Shredder Autosalvage Unit on Venture Co. Shredders in Windshear Crag, Stonetalon Mountains.
    2. Dark Iron Ordinance Gathering: Collect 20 Dark Iron Ordinance by defeating Dark Iron Insurgents in North Loch Modan or Rifleman and other Dark Iron dwarves in North Wetlands.
    3. Fish Oil Procurement: Obtain 24 Fish Oils by eliminating murlocs in Hillsbrad or Wetlands, or alternatively through the Auction House.

Upon completing these tasks, return to Grizzby to purchase the Main Gauche Rune.

Finding all the Rogue Runes in WoW Classic is no easy task, but it’s fair to say Blizzard has certainly delivered an exciting change of pace to the game with this first phase that caps players at level 25. More Runes are confirmed to be coming in the future, so start collecting as many as you can to enhance your character-building. Check out our Mage Rune locations if you have a Mage build on the go.