getting nitrate in enshrouded

Image source: Keen Games

There are dozens of different resources you’ll need to collect in Enshrouded. Most of these have several different uses, but some are more specific. Nitrate falls into the latter category. It plays a crucial role in crafting Mortar, and only from a single location. If you’ve reached the point in the game in which you need it in abundance, here’s how to get Nitrate in Enshrouded.

Getting & Crafting Nitrate in Enshrouded

The process of crafting Nitrate is exclusive to the Alchemist’s Lab. The ingredients are as follows:

  • 5x Sand
  • 5x Salt
  • 1x Wood Acid
  • 1x Alchemical Base
  • Craft Time: 3:30 minutes

You can check out our extensive list of materials in the game, as well as our interactive map for how to get these if you don’t already have them.

Unlocking the Alchemist’s Lab

You should have already crafted one, but just in case, the Alchemist Lab requires the following ingredients:

  • Athanor – crafted at the Alchemist.
    • 10 Glass
    • 10 Bronze Bars
    • 5 Lump of Clay
  • 40 Fired Bricks
  • 10 Copper Bars
  • 3 Glass

As you should know by now, the Alchemist is essential not only for crafting Nitrate but also for unlocking further crafting capabilities and recipes. The process of rescuing the Alchemist and then constructing the Alchemist’s Lab forms a key part of the progression in the game — it’s a quest line that will unlock as part of the main story. The quest itself involves the completion of the Ancient Spire and the exploration of the Ancient Vault.

Once you’ve got your lab up and running from the Alchemist you can go ahead and craft as much Nitrate as you need, so in turn you can get Mortar. Mortar is used by the Alchemist, who has a bunch of new crafting options for spells, potions, and magical armor. Here’s a list of all recipes you can craft at the lab:

  1. Enshrouded Oil x5
    • Recipe: 6x Shroud Spores, 5x Coal Powder, 5x Shroud Liquid, 1x Sulfur
    • Craft Time: 2 minutes
  2. Paper x5
    • Recipe: 1 x Wood Log, 1 Ammonia Gland
    • Craft Time: 5 minutes
  3. Spice x 10
    • Recipe: 1x Saffron, 1x Alchemical Base, 1x Camomile, 1x Rooibos, 2x Desert Flower
    • Craft Time: 6 minutes
  4. Nitrate x5
    • Recipe: 5x Sand, 5x Salt, 1x Wood Acid, 1x Alchemical Base
    • Craft Time: 3:30 minutes
  5. Black Powder x1
    • Recipe: 7x Nitrate, 1x Sulfur, 2x Coal Powder
    • Craft Time: 3 minutes.

So there you have it. Nitrate in Enshrouded is really only required for Mortar, but it’s possible later in development its uses will extend beyond that. We’ll keep you posted.