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Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc.

If you’ve jumped into Pocket Pair, Inc’s latest game and are wondering whether a Palworld character transfer process between servers and platforms exists then you’re not alone. We had the same questions, and the answers are honestly a tad frustrating. Luckily, there’s a mod that can solve the issue, which we’ve now updated the article to include.

Update: There is now a Palworld server transfer mod that allows you to transfer characters from one world to another. You can find it here. Keep in mind, there are still some limitations, so read through the mod instructions carefully.

Palworld Character Transfer Between Multiplayer Servers

Palworld multiplayer mode comes with certain limitations concerning the characters that players can use. These restrictions can make the gaming experience somewhat complex, especially for newcomers.

Single-Player Characters and Multiplayer Servers

During Early Access, Palworld does not allow direct transfer of your single-player character to multiplayer servers. Consequently, you need to create a distinct character dedicated to multiplayer sessions. This requirement, however, has a few subtleties that vary based on whether you’re a host or a guest.

Role of the Host

As a host, you can switch between single-player and multiplayer modes seamlessly. This feature enables you to maintain your solo progress while simultaneously inviting others to join your world. Unfortunately, though, this luxury is not extended to your guests.

Role of the Guest

If you join a multiplayer session as a guest, your participation will be restricted to the character created for that particular session. Thus, your single-player character cannot be used in a multiplayer world.

Why the Restrictions?

Palworld currently lacks a server/save transfer system, resulting in each world, be it single-player or multiplayer, existing independently. This separation ensures that character progression and world settings remain distinct between single-player and multiplayer modes. As a host, you can enjoy both modes seamlessly because the server is running for you.

The developers of Palworld are actively working on introducing a transfer method later in development. This feature will allow players to move their save files between different game modes, further enhancing the gaming experience.

Can You Transfer Palworld Save File Between Platforms?

A common query among gamers is whether it’s possible to transfer Palworld’s save file from Games Pass to Steam. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t currently support this feature. This limitation also applies to transferring your progress from Steam to Xbox Game Pass. The reason behind this is that Palworld doesn’t support cross-platform progression. At launch, Xbox and Steam players don’t even have the same version of the game, which further complicates matters.

Transfer to a Dedicated Server

If you’re wondering about transferring your Palworld progress to a dedicated server, the answer remains the same. At launch, the game does not allow you to transfer your Palworld save from solo or co-op modes to dedicated servers. Your character’s progress is tied to the server you’re playing on. This means if you start playing on a new server, you have to start from scratch.

One common query among players is whether they can enjoy the game fully in co-op mode without missing out on any features and retaining their characters for solo play. Well, in Palworld, characters and progression are tied to the host. This means that the host can play as much as they want, but a client needs the host online to play.

Public Server or Dedicated Server

Players have the option to join a public server or rent a dedicated server. In both scenarios, your progress will be saved. However, some players have reported experiencing lags and heavy rubberbanding on public servers, which is worth keeping in mind.

Server Requirements

Certain players have also expressed concerns about whether a server needs to run 24/7. This is particularly relevant for those considering setting up their own server. It’s important to note that a dedicated server continues to run even when no one is online.

That wraps up our Palworld character transfer guide. As we’ve noted, the developers are actively working on solutions for a more flexible save file system, and we can expect more seamless character transfer options in future updates.