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Pal-let loads of resources.

Palworld‘s weird and wacky world has all sorts of resources necessary to build your base and look after your cute, murderous Pals. This resource guide provides you with all Palworld resource locations. It’s regularly updated to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive information on locating and utilizing various materials, essential for crafting, base building, and surviving in the wild and whimsical world of Palworld. We’ve recently updated this with more resources.

All Resources & Resource Locations in Palworld

Resources in Palworld are vital for crafting advanced gear, upgrading your base, and ensuring the well-being of your Pals. Below you can find a detailed list of all the resources we’ve discovered so far. Note that our Palworld interactive map page works well in tandem with this information if you’re trying to track something down in particular.


These are dropped from Robinquill or can be purchased from a merchant.

Beautiful Flower

Dropped by Lyleen, Petallia, Ribbunny, and Wumpo.


Dropped by Anubis, Bushi, Cawgnito, Gorirat, Loupmoon, Maraith, Rushoar, Vanwyrm, Verdash, Vixy. Alternatively, purchase from a merchant.

Carbon Fiber

You can get this as a drop from Jetragon, and Shadowbeak.


Azurobe and Felbat drop this resource. You can get high-quality cloth from Sibelyx.


For a mining coal location, head toward desert biomes in Palworld. Take heat-resistant armor if you’re doing so, as it’s very hot!

Alternatively, Coal is a drop from Blazamut and Menasting.

Copper Key

Copper Key can only be acquired as a drop from Leezpunk.


Jetragon is the only Pal who we’ve found drops this resource.

Elemental Organs

  • Flame Organs: Dropped by fire-type Pals, such as Foxparks, who are almost guaranteed to drop these organs when caught or defeated in combat.
  • Ice Organs: Pengullet, a dual water/ice type Pal commonly found in Grassy Behemoth Hills, is a great source for these organs. Be cautious not to confuse ice-type Pals with water-types like Fuack and Teafant.
  • Electric Organs: Obtained from electric-type Pals like Sparkit and Jolthog.

Organs are essential for crafting and repairing heat and cold-resistant armor, making them vital for maintaining your character’s strength and resilience:

  • Flame organs are used in making items like primitive furnaces.
  • Ice organs are necessary for cooler boxes.
  • Electric organs have their unique applications in crafting.

Elizabee’s Staff

As the name suggests, Elizabee drops this.


Fiber is dropped by Hangyu and Hoocrates.


Getting Flour in Palword requires Wheat, as well as access to a Wheat Plantation and a Mill. Both the Wheat Plantation and the Mill become available at Level 15 in the technology tree. This indicates that you can access them relatively early in the game. To construct these facilities, you will need the following materials:

  • Mill:
    • 50 units of Wood
    • 40 units of Stone
  • Wheat Plantation:
    • 35 units of Wood
    • 35 units of Stone
    • 3 Wheat Seeds


So far we’ve only found this from Tocotoco.

High-Quality Palm Oil

This useful resource is dropped from the likes of Damud, Digtoise, Elphidran, Flambelle, Grintale, Mammorest, Quivern, Relaxaurus, and Woolipop


Horn is dropped from Arsox, Caprity, Eikthyrdeer, Fenglope, Incineram, Reindrix, Univolt. You can also purchase from a merchant.

Huge Dragon Egg

Huge Dragon Eggs are difficult to come by in Palworld as they spawn randomly, like many other items in the game. You’ll need to continue exploring until youstumble upon one of these rare eggs.

To enhance the likelihood of encountering Huge Dragon Eggs, explore elevated altitudes such as cliff edges or stone peaks. Known hotspots for finding these eggs include Mount Obsidian, Snowy Mountain, and the upper regions of the Dessicated Desert.


After you’ve found plentiful supplies of ore you can start making ingots. To make Ingots, build a Primitive Furnace (unlocked at Level 10 on the tech tree) using 20 Wood, 50 Stone, and 3 Flame Organs. Once built, Ore is placed inside the furnace.

Metal Ingots are dropped by Astegon, Bushi, and Shadowbeak.


Purchase from NPCs like the Wandering Merchant. Instead of buying Leather, we suggest farming it by engaging with low-level Pals in the starting zone. There are two main methods to acquire Leather from these creatures: capturing them using a Pal Sphere or defeating them in combat.

Dropped by Foxparks, Rushoar, Nox, Eikthyrdeer, Fuack, and Melpaca, along with their other potential drops. These Pals can be found in early game areas like the Small Settlement, Fort Ruins, and the Rayne Syndicate Tower.

Lifmunk Effigy

Appearance: Lifmunk Effigy appears as green statues featuring a Lifmunk Pal sitting atop a stone cube.

  • Locations: They can be found in various places, including:
    • Next to a pond at coordinates (231, -497).
    • Inside a stone building at coordinates (160, -467).
    • North of the river at coordinates (172, -450).
    • On the beach near the Penking boss at coordinates (94, -306).
  • Spawn Locations: Range from open areas to hidden spots behind or inside structures.


Milk is a crucial ingredient for making Cake, which you’ll need forthe breeding process. Milk can also be used in other recipes. There are three main ways to acquire Milk in the game:

  1. Purchasing from Merchants: A quick way for beginners to get Milk is by buying it from traveling merchants found in settlements or near the player’s base. However, this method requires spending gold, which might be better saved for other purposes.
  2. Defeating Mozzarina: Mozzarina, a Pal resembling a cow, can be found in Bamboo Groves in the southern part of the game world. Defeating these creatures yields Milk, but it’s also recommended to catch a few.
  3. Farming on a Ranch: Upon reaching level five, players can build a Ranch using 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber. Placing Mozzarinas in the Ranch provides a steady supply of Milk.

Besides breeding, Milk is used in various recipes including Hot Milk, Pancake, Mushroom Soup, Pizza, Carbonara, Eikthyrdeer Stew, and Mozzarina Cheeseburger. For Cake, required for breeding, the recipe includes 5 Flowers, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey.


Ore rocks are distinguishable from regular stones by their brown and grey speckled appearance, unlike the smooth texture of regular stones and the blue veins of Paldium.

While it’s possible to break ore with fists in desperate situations, using a stone pickaxe or stronger ones (available through the technology tree) is more efficient.

Ore is heavy, around 8 pounds per piece, and can quickly lead to over-encumbrance. Players should monitor their carry capacity and manage their inventory accordingly.

Paldium Fragments

Essential for crafting Pal Spheres and upgrading bases. Here are the four primary methods to acquire them:

  • Floor Loot: Scattered in the environment, these single chunks are visible on the ground and can be collected. They are not a major source but can provide a small boost.
  • Mining for Paldium Fragments: There are two ways to mine for Paldium:
    • Mining Stone: Occasionally, mining at stone piles yields Paldium Fragments (one fragment per 10 stones on normal difficulty). Note that the Stone Pit in your base does not produce Paldium Fragments.
    • Mining Paldium Deposits: These deposits are of two types:
      • Small, blue deposits found worldwide, yielding 4-5 fragments each on normal difficulty.
      • Larger deposits found in specific locations, such as underground dungeons, offering more extensive mining opportunities.
  • Using the Crusher: The most efficient early-game method. The Crusher, unlocked at level 8 in the technology menu, allows players to convert Stone into Paldium Fragments (5 Stone per fragment). A Pal with at least level 1 Watering ability is required to operate the Crusher. Early Pals suitable for this include Teafant, Pengullet, Celaray, and Fuack. This method can be largely automated with the help of Pals.

Pal Fluids

Dropped by Water-type Pals, such as Fuack, Pengullet, and Teafant.

These Pals are found in areas like Grassy Behemoth Hills, near the Rayne Syndicate Tower, and in water bodies around the map.

Catching or defeating water-type Pals in battle yields Pal Fluid. Catching 10 of the same type offers the maximum bonus EXP and a good supply of Pal Fluid.

Pal Souls

This resource is used to upgrade your Pals. Pal Souls is an RNG drop from enemies.

Pal Spheres

  • Crafting: After reaching level two and unlocking the relevant technology node, you can craft a Pal Sphere using:
    • 1 Paldium Fragment
    • 3 units of Wood
    • 3 units of Stone
  • Finding in the Wild: Occasionally, Pal Spheres can be found on the ground during exploration, though this is less common.
  • Upgraded Versions: At level 14, after unlocking the sphere workbench and the mega sphere, you can craft stronger versions for easier capture of Pals.

Pure Quartz

Pure Quartz in Palworld is found in the Astral Mountains, located in the northwest area of the game map. Look for large, shiny rock nodes. Mining these nodes with a pickaxe will yield Pure Quartz.

It’s important to wear cold-resistant gear in this region to avoid freezing.

The resource is also dropped by Astegon and Jetragon.

Venom Glands

Venom Glands are essential for crafting mid-level items, specifically Poison-based weapons and equipment. To acquire Venom Glands, you need to defeat specific wild Pals. Daedream drops Venom Glands. These creatures can primarily be found in the central parts of the map, northeast of the original spawn point.

The Venom Glands are crucial for crafting items like the Poison Bow and Poison Arrows, which inflict damage over time on enemies. To craft a Poison Bow, you require two Venom Glands, and for Poison Arrows, one Venom Gland is needed.


Sufar in Palworld is found abundantly in the desert biome to the north. Look for large, green rocks that stand out in the desert terrain. Sulfur nodes have a mossy appearance. High-tier pickaxe is necessary for harvesting.


Wool can be obtained from Pals like Lamball, Cremis, and Melpaca. Catching these Pals with a Pal Sphere or defeating them in battle will yield wool.

  • Early Game: Lamball is a great option for early-game wool gathering. Catching ten Lamballs can provide a substantial amount of wool along with EXP boosts.
  • Later Game: Focus on Cremis and Melpaca for additional wool supplies, and explore the world for other wool-dropping Pals.

At a workbench, wool can be turned into cloth, requiring two wool pieces per cloth. Cloth is used to craft armor, providing defense boosts and weather resistance. Some armors offer cold resistance, while others are beneficial in hot environments.

Cloth is also used to make gliders, which are useful for safe descent from heights or crossing gaps. Essential for constructing items like the shoddy bed and Pal Gear Workbench. Additional recipes requiring wool and cloth become available as players progress.

Wheat Seeds

Certain grass-type Pals like Dinossom can drop wheat seeds, among other items. Can purchase from merchants in such locations as the small settlement southwest of Rayne Syndicate Tower (71, -486). Can also be grown (requiress stone and wood, and at least level 15 in the technology tree.

Other Raw Resources and Which Pals Drop Them

There are so many resources in Palworld, so we’re listing these below until we have more information.

  • Gold Coin – Direhowl, Mau, Vanwyrm
  • Gumoss Leaf – Gumoss
  • Horn – Arsox, Caprity, Eikthyrdeer, Fenglope, Incineram, Reindrix, Univolt
  • Ice Organ – Ice pals
  • Technical Manual – Anubis, Hoocrates, Katress, Lyleen, Shadowbeak, Wixen
  • Katress Hair – Katress
  • Medical Supplies – Flopie, Lyleen, Vaelet
  • Penking Plume – Penking
  • Polymer – Jetragon
  • Ruby – Direhowl, Relaxaurus, Vanwyrm
  • Sapphire – Mau Cryst
  • Silver Key – Leezpunk
  • Strange Juice – Lovander
  • Suspicious Juice – Lovander
  • Tocotoco Feather – Tocotoco
  • Broncherry Meat – Broncherry
  • Cake – Lovander
  • Caprity Meat – Caprity
  • Chikipi Poultry – Chikipi
  • Cotton Candy – Woolipop
  • Eikthyrdeer Venison – Eikthyrdeer
  • Galeclaw Poultry – Galeclaw
  • Honey – Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, Warsect
  • Lamball Mutton – Lamball
  • Mammorest Meat – Mammorest
  • Mozzarina Meat – Mozzarina
  • Mushroom – Lovander, Mossanda, Tanzee
  • Raw Damud – Damud
  • Raw Kelpsea – Kelpsea
  • Reindrix Venison – Reindrix
  • Rushoar Pork – Rushoar
  • Berry Seeds – Gumoss
  • Red Berries – Caprity, Cattiva
  • Lettuce Seeds – Bristla, Cinnamoth
  • Tomato Seeds – Broncherry, Mossanda, Vaelet

All Palworld Resource Merchant Prices

Below you can find a price list for all resources in the game. We’ve continue to keep this updated over time.

  • Arrow – 5 Gold
  • Bone – 100 Gold
  • Electric Organ – 100 Gold
  • Horn – 300 Gold
  • Ice Organ – 100 Gold
  • Leather – 150 Gold
  • Medical Supplies – 240 Gold, 800 Gold, 3,000 Gold
  • Wool – 100 Gold
  • Venom Gland – 100 Gold
  • Egg – 50 Gold
  • Milk – 50 Gold
  • Berry Seeds – 100 Gold
  • Red Berries – 50 Gold
  • Wheat Seeds – 100 Gold
  • Wheat – 100 Gold

There you have it: a comprehensive list of all Palworld resources and where to find them. At least as far as we’ve discovered! We’ll keep this list up-to-date as we discover more, so keep an eye. And if you’re just starting out in Palworld, check out our beginner tips and tricks guide and keep an eye on the Palworld subreddit for fellow players’ discussions.