Best upgrades to unlock first in Pacific Drive

Image source: Kepler Interactive via We Game Daily

Keep on truckin'.

In Pacific Drive, there’s an in-depth upgrade system that allows you to improve your car and associated tools to improve your chances of surviving perilous road trips. There are loads of upgrades and blueprints to unlock, but early on it’s best to prioritize those that make exploring safer and more efficient. With that in mind, here are our picks for the best upgrades to unlock first in Pacific Drive.

Best Upgrades To Get First in Pacific Drive

Here are our picks for 6 upgrades you should try to get first in the early hours of the game:

  • Matter Deconstructor: This upgrade allows you to recycle damaged car parts and recover some of the original materials. It’s a great way to get value out of something damaged, making it a useful addition to your garage.
  • Expanded Locker: As you progress and gather more materials and car parts, you’ll need additional storage space. Prioritize unlocking an extra locker to accommodate your growing inventory to avoid the frustration of running out of storage space.
  • Relightable Flare: The Relightable Flare is an important early-game survival tool. It provides better illumination than road lights, making it easier to navigate in the dark.
  • Insulated Panel: Electricity hazards are common in the early stages of the game. Unlocking the Insulated Panel provides armor and electricity protection, and some of this protection even transfers to adjacent car parts, enhancing your vehicle’s overall safety.
  • Offroad Tires: To outrun the storm and navigate through the woods and water, Offroad Tires are essential. They offer more HP and better traction off-road, although they don’t perform quite as well on normal roads.
  • Steel Sheet: As the base for all new car parts, the Steel Sheet is crucial for upgrading from crude vehicle parts to more protective ones. It requires Scrap Metal to craft, but it’s worth the investment for the added protection it provides.

There you have our picks for the six best upgrades to unlock first in Pacific Drive. Early on, you want to prioritize basic protection for your car, offroad tires, and increased storage space for all the materials you’ll be collecting. One of those key materials is Chemicals, as we’ve explained in our guide on how to acquire them efficiently. Later on, you’ll be wanting Marsh Eggs for advanced items like the Blowtorch, but we have you covered there too.