How to get Chemicals in Pacific Drive

Image source: Kepler Interactive via We Game Daily

Formula for success.

In the early stages of Pacific Drive, a material that’s essential for survival is Chemicals, since they’re essential for crafting repair kits. Unlike other survival games, you cannot craft or synthesize Chemicals. You have to explore the game’s procedurally-generated roads extensively to find them. In this guide, we run through how to get Chemicals in Pacific Drive, with some tips and tricks how to acquire them efficiently.

How to Get Chemicals in Pacific Drive

The main ways we’ve found of getting Chemicals are exploring routes and scrapping certain items. Chemicals are typically found inside buildings that resemble research stations. Within these buildings, you may find a Hazmat Locker, which contains Chemicals or Cartridges. Here are some tips for looting these buildings:

  • Open the route planner and toggle the map legend.
  • Look for a route with high building density, increasing the likelihood of finding a building with a Hazmat Locker.
  • Craft at least two Prybars and Impact Hammers so that you have spares.
  • Head to the chosen route and do your best to loot the buildings before the storm arrives.

Another option, albeit a more costly one, is to craft new parts if you’re short on Chemicals. You can scrap vehicles around the garage, and by choosing a zone with high vehicle density, you’ll obtain more Scrap Metal.

How to Use Chemicals

In the early hours of Pacific Drive, you’ll mainly need Chemicals to craft Repair Putty. As your vehicle will be unavoidably damaged navigating routes, repairing its parts is essential to avoid your run ending prematurely.

When you get later into the game, you can craft the superior Blowtorch in place of Repair Putty. To do that, however, you’ll need the hard-to-find Marsh Eggs.

So, there you have it: a guide on how to get Chemicals in Pacific Drive. Because the Zone is procedurally generated, there’s no way of guaranteeing you emerge from your trip laden with Chemicals. But, by following these tips, looking for routes with high building density and searching for Hazmat Lockers, you can maximize your chances.