return to moria roadmap

Image source: North Beach Games

The best is yet to come.

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria has hacked out its niche in the survival crafting genre, with a setting in the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. While its launch has been fairly solid, the content is a bit limited and there are several missing features. So, what does the future hold for our Dwarven adventures? The developers at Free Range Games have laid out a Return to Moria roadmap detailing the upcoming updates and downloadable content (DLC) that players can look forward to. Here’s what we know so far. We’ve recently updated this article to reflect new information about its Update 1 and PS5 release.

Everything to Know About Return to Moria Roadmap

Patch 1: Immediate Fixes & Enhancements (November)

In the short term, the focus is on stability and usability. November 2023 is slated for Patch 1, which targets over 100 bug fixes, addressing issues like game crashes, soft locks for controller users, and glitches involving crafting stations and enemy behavior, among others.

Update 1: QoL Changes (December)

The first major update, planned for December, promises to enhance the player experience with quality-of-life improvements, especially to the inventory system. Additionally, this update will introduce a final boss fight, addressing feedback on combat and enemy spawn rates. Over 200 bug fixes and polish items are included, showing the developers’ commitment to refining the game post-launch. This patch has now launched; you can read the full details here.

Return to Moria’s Update 1 has launched in tandem with the game’s release on PS5.

2024 & Beyond

Beyond the immediate updates, the roadmap extends into 2024 and further. The developers have pledged transparency regarding future updates and have expressed excitement about working alongside the community. While details are sparse, this suggests ongoing engagement with player feedback to shape the game’s evolution.

While Return to Moria has now launched on PS5, its Xbox version won’t be available until 2024.

Content Expansions

The developers have teased new content that goes beyond mere fixes. This includes new adventures and possibly new areas to explore, which will expand the narrative and gameplay options for players. With the promise of grand plans for 2024 and beyond, the community can expect that the game will continue to grow in scale and depth.

Among the more significant technical updates on the horizon is support for shared worlds through dedicated servers, slated for the next year. This feature will be a game-changer, allowing for persistent worlds that do not require the host to be online. Additionally, an Xbox version and crossplay capabilities are in the works, broadening the game’s reach and accessibility.

Is There DLC for Return to Moria?

While specific DLC packs have not been detailed, the roadmap’s mention of new adventures and narrative progression implies that players can expect substantial DLC offerings. These could include new quests, characters, items, and even entire regions within Moria to explore and restore.

The roadmap for Return to Moria reflects a robust post-launch strategy that balances immediate improvements with long-term content expansions. With a clear commitment to quality and player satisfaction, the future of Return to Moria seems as rich and promising as the mines of Moria themselves. Until the new updates arrive, check out our starter and resource guides.