How to fix error code Le-61 in Last Epoch

Image source: Eleventh Hour Games via We Game Daily

Unlikely to be the Last error.

With the release of its 1.0 update, Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch is encountering new challenges. One of the more prominent is Error Code Le-61, which is causing some players major problems. Here, we run through how to fix Error Code Le-61 in Last Epoch so you can head back to Eterra asap.

Error Code Le-61 in Last Epoch, Explained

Error Code Le-61 is a matchmaking issue that occurs at Fortress Gardens in Last Epoch. The primary solution is to join a friend who has successfully connected to the server. However, patience may be required as the servers adapt to the recent surge in player numbers.

Avoiding Error Code Le-61

To access Fortress Gardens without encountering Error Code Le-61, consider the following options:

  • Join a session with a friend who is already in the game.
  • Create and play with an Offline character.
  • Wait for the servers to stabilize and accommodate the influx of players.
  • Creating Offline characters can be a useful strategy for future server-related issues, allowing you to enjoy the game solo whenever desired.

Playing Last Epoch Offline

Last Epoch‘s offline mode is available from the Main Menu, providing a viable alternative during these times of server issues. Just be aware that you cannot switch a character from offline to online, but it does offer a way to play the game without server dependencies.

So, there you have it: some measures you can take to fix Error Code Le-61 in Last Epoch. Waiting is currently the best solution for those of you wanting to play online, because the servers will surely soon stabilize. Or you can try joining a session with a friend who has successfully connected to the server to bypass Error Le061. In the meantime, you could always try Offline mode, just be aware that you cannot switch your character from Offline to Online mode.