How to get Marsh Eggs in Pacific Drive

Image source: Kepler Interactive via We Game Daily

Swamped with materials.

In the car-based survival adventure Pacific Drive, you need to find materials essential for upgrading your equipment and prolonging your road trip. One such key material are Marsh Eggs, a reagent needed for crafting advanced items like the Blowtorch. These eggs can be hard to find, however, because they’re found deep within the Olympic Exclusion Zone’s swamps. Here, we explain how to get Marsh Eggs in Pacific Drive so that you can craft vital items for your adventure.

Marsh Eggs Locations in Pacific Drive

To get Marsh Eggs, you must first progress through the game’s main story. After several hours, you should be ready to venture into the mid-zone. When you are, follow these steps to find Marsh Eggs:

  • Select a mid-zone route that includes “The Mires,” indicating a new area.
  • Craft off-road tires if you can before heading out on your trip.
  • Once in The Mires, head to areas with water and look for big red bulbs. Marsh Eggs can be found around these bulbs.
  • Take as many as you can. Fortunately, they don’t take up much inventory space.
  • Rinse and repeat if necessary to get enough Marsh Eggs for crafting.

Crafting with Marsh Eggs

Marsh Eggs are needed to craft the Blowtorch, which is a major upgrade on the Repair Putty. The Blowtorch is an essential survival tool for when the going gets tough on your travels. The Blowtorch allows you to repair your car more efficiently, and so can be a lifesaver when you’re caught in a Zone Storm!

Tips for Efficient Marsh Egg Gathering

Before heading out to collect Marsh Eggs, check the route descriptions. You want to target routes with high material counts to increase your chance of finding eggs.

If you end up on a route with limited resources, you’re just wasting gasoline and potentially opening yourself up to vehicle damage. In short, avoid unnecessary, fruitless trips.

So, there you have it: a guide on how to get Marsh Eggs in Pacific Drive. By following these tips, you shouldn’t have any trouble acquiring a plentiful supply of Marsh Eggs to use for advanced item crafting, like the Blowtorch. Just remember to look out for the big red bulbs in a mid-zone route that includes The Mires, and you should be good to go.